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  • Trusts must count apprentices ‘as supernumerary’

    K White's comment 5 December, 2016 6:32 pm

    How much dumbing down is Jackie Smith planning to impose on the profession? Apprentice nurses are apprentices and not healthcare assistants. She needs to stop making it up as she goes along. This apprentice system has the potential to train effective nurses and they deserve to be treated with dignity. Working along-side an expert does not make one an assistant: it makes them a student. Time to discourage the two-tier system.
    In my opinion the NMC is unfit for purpose, and for that reason, I will not be renewing my registration.

  • Asking students to whistleblow 'unwise' due to lack of support

    K White's comment 18 July, 2016 6:58 pm

    A student nurse who whistleblows will never become a registrant. Their career is over before it begins. What does that say about patient safety???

  • 'Bullying and blame culture' poses risk at maternity unit

    K White's comment 14 June, 2016 0:22 am

    Conflict management sessions were held - but some consultants had not attended !!!, action plans in place,lessons learnt and our mothers and babies are safe. same outcomes as 2009. Where is the accountability?
    This is not good enough. The culture has to change

  • Exclusive: CNO defends takeover of safe staffing work

    K White's comment 6 June, 2015 8:04 am

    Why has Ms Cummings allowed the shortage of nurses to develop in the first place? It happened on her watch. Therefore she is not a fit person to take over responsibility for safe staffing levels.
    The Government spent a lot of money on the Freedom to Speak Up review and is now rejecting the findings.

  • Will 2015 be the year healthcare providers learn to value staff who raise concerns?

    K White's comment 2 January, 2015 0:58 am

    The Sir Robert Francis recommendation for better protection for staff who raise concern is not being observed by the majority of employers in Scotland. I invited the CEO of each Scottish Health Board to sign up to the Nursing Times "Speak out Safely Campaign" in December 2013. Not just did none of them sign up; not one showed the interest or professionalism to acknowledge the invitation.
    There is a clear disconnect between Scottish NHS Boards and the frontline. This will only change when board members are called to account for unsafe healthcare. There is no excuse for bullying and bankrupting those raise concern about poor care and it is happening at an alarming rate.

  • Regulator finds 'serious' nursing shortage at Aberdeen hospital

    K White's comment 6 December, 2014 9:45 am

    Anonymous 6Dec 09.05
    I agree with what you say but understaffing, gang warfare and a longstanding culture of fear is a bigger deterrent to staff recruitment than Aberdeen house prices. Lots of highly skilled staff already have houses there and are voting with their feet. It will take time to reverse the endemic culture of fear; not just in Aberdeen, but in the majority of Scottish NHS Boards. The majority of Board members have no health care backgrounds and fail to listen to frontline staff.

  • Exclusive: Survey shows NHS not there yet on raising concerns

    K White's comment 6 March, 2014 11:33 pm

    No healthcare professional should be afraid to raise a concern about unsafe healthcare. Their Code of Conduct obliges them to do so, but when they do so, they may loose their career, their professional reputation,their colleagues, families and much more.
    This will continue until NHS Trusts become "Learning Organizations". A Learning Organization is interested in improved care. Those who raise a concern should be welcomed and seen as the solution and not
    the problem. They are after all problem-solvers.
    The majority of NHS Trusts are focused on the corporate brand instead of the provision of good healthcare and support for frontline staff who provide that care.
    All due to a lack of accountability.

    Kathleen White (Edinburgh)

  • Roger Kline: 'Denying race bias exists in the NHS is damaging to everyone'

    K White's comment 14 November, 2013 6:31 pm

    Thanks for starting to talk about it Roger. I'm afraid that racial discrimination is widely practised in the NHS.

  • The big question: should wards report on staffing levels daily?

    K White's comment 19 September, 2013 1:11 pm

    Hi Anonymous 12:21
    I agree 100% with you. That is why I spoke out about dangerous under-staffing. Not one of my team supported me. Plenty of good ex colleagues supported me. They had already voted with their feet and left nursing.

    Management, Human Resources and several colleagues orchestrated a vile vendetta of intimidation and bullying to freeze me out of the workplace. The RCN officer who claimed to be be representing me colluded in this vendetta. I have clear evidence to show the deception of this toxic organisation.

    So, I left and got another job. However that has not solved the problem as hundreds of highly motivated staff have continued to be hounded out of their posts because they raised concern about risks to patient care and safety.

    No employee can resolve this by themselves. That is why it is so important to engage with Nursing Times "Speak out Safely Campaign"

    and please sign their petition

    Patients First can be contacted at

  • The big question: should wards report on staffing levels daily?

    K White's comment 19 September, 2013 10:53 am

    Yes Anonymous 10;08, of course the charge nurse has a clear responsibilty to put such serious matters in writing.
    But, as recent inquiries have found that is not how it works within corrupt NHS Trusts. Even a CEO was hounded out of post with more than £250,000 settlement and gagging clause. A CQC manager was hounded out when he raised concern about patient safety. What chance does a ward charge nurse have?

    This is how it works; Raise a valid concern in writing and before you know it a
    trumped up charge of bullying, fraud or incompetence is made against you. Will your colleagues support you? No, because they know only too well that they will be next. Employees have mortgages and families to support, so it's easier to turn a blind eye. Colleagues are more likely to collude against you to ensure their own continued employment and promotion. To make matters worse most so called unions collude with these corrupt /incompetent managers.

    Nursing Times Speak Out Safely and online petition is now here to help.

    Also, Patients First is working to support all those raising concerns about risks to patient care and safety and can be contacted at

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