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  • Willis: New senior HCA role would 'bridge gap' to registered nursing

    K WHENT's comment 12 March, 2015 10:00 am

    Can someone explain? We have band 4 health care practitioners that fit this role..with a foundation degree.. Is he saying they should only be band 3!!! Not sure he's seen what's out there already

  • NMC releases draft guidance and standards for revalidation

    K WHENT's comment 26 January, 2015 11:10 pm

    I have had clinical supervisoion for a number of years, so it's not just midwives. I am in a non clinical role, so these reflections made be difficult, but if it's anything like other Nmc documents there will be so much room for interpretation. I also have no line manager that is a nurse.. It's a physio so my supervision is important to meet this need. Need to read the full guidelines

  • 'Is it always clear to patients who different members of staff are?'

    K WHENT's comment 11 May, 2014 4:18 pm

    You don't say how long you've Ben nursing, but when I trained we did have a national uniform, still some variation from area to area. Our years as a student were identified by the colour belt, but the hospital in neighbouring area used the same colour as a second year for their staff nurses. But what a simple idea, that would save the nhs a fortune, I still have my poka dot sisters uniform, not that I wear it anymore, which was the same as the DN, but my skills could not be mistaken, as an Rmn, but confused relatives when trying to explain we couldn't continue the dressings once discharged! Different team, different employers!

  • Exclusive: '6Cs' nursing values to be rolled out to all NHS staff

    K WHENT's comment 23 April, 2014 1:41 pm

    Why? We have the NHS constitution with NHS values... This is just causing confusion and wasting people's time. The NHS constitution was put in place, then we put something in for nurses, now rolling that to everyone when we have already done that

  • Government rejects 1% NHS pay rise in England

    K WHENT's comment 14 March, 2014 6:00 pm

    "You have to weigh up job security (and tightening your belt) versus no job or having to work in the private sector with no paid sickness and reduced holidays. This isn't my own opinion, just throwing it into the mix. "

    Yes but the cost of living has gone up in the time we have had no payrise--electric, gas petrol food- i have tightened my belt but it can only go so far.

    and as for the comment about pensions- its not consolidated so not added onto the payscale- which means pensions and overtime etc will be paid at the current rate not take in this increase-- including the fact that they have increased our contributions sp that even more we are out of pocket-

  • HCAs to be offered fast-track into nursing through apprenticeships

    K WHENT's comment 5 March, 2014 11:25 am

    full circle-- i was trained in the apprenticeship style-- but that was deemed not academic enough and moved to the universities. have they just realised that by going all degree it ruled ot a nmber of excellent nurses who didnt feel able to meet the degree criteria--

  • We asked: 'How can student nurses manage violence and aggression on placement?'

    K WHENT's comment 21 February, 2014 8:34 pm

    all our students - both the mental health and the adult branch that come to the trust all have a half day session on conflict management with the PMVA trainer-- its more about preventing the escalation rather than managing the agression

  • Nurse starts petition against further NMC fee rise

    K WHENT's comment 7 February, 2014 4:39 pm

    signed, shared and written directly to my own member of parliament

  • Did you miss today's webchat about nurse mentors? Read it again

    K WHENT's comment 21 March, 2012 12:37 pm

    i agree that all nurses should be teaching and training junior staff-- but to be an effective mentor you need to have expertise in your field- nurses need far more than a year post qualifying to achieve this- this does not stop them being part of the process giving feedback for the assesment but not to make decisions about competency. people have their own strengths- i have learn't excellent skills from nurses that prefer to do the doing- who have limited interest in teaching and assessing- being the ones that tick the boxes.
    Mentoring should be seen as an additional role- with time allocated and additional finacial accountability not a tagged on role-- then and only then will it be taken seriously.

  • Night shift napping boosts nurses' performance and personal health

    K WHENT's comment 26 April, 2011 12:39 pm

    problem is 'US' we have been so nice we have allowed this to happen to us,

    i do some nights- we work with three staff and should have a 45 minute break- to fit in with working time directives.
    we have no food facilities on site- even the vending machines were taken away- healthy eating!
    we have no private staff room areas to even go somewhere quiet.
    we can not leave the unit

    if we work a 14 hour shift we MUST take the full 1 hour break and cover is organised- why not at night we always did when i was training with staff moving around the wards to cover breaks.

    we are not paid the money for the break on some units- and these work with one qualified- how can they even think of leaving the patient area just in case something happens.

    i have worked independently doing assessments- its not about being akert when you wake up- its about being alert when you are awake-- working through will reduce level of alertness in the same way

    doctors wouldn't put up with this, oth

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