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Category list : Anatomy and physiology

Stories with this category.

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  • Infection clue points to causes of rheumatoid arthritis

    Infection clue points to causes of rheumatoid arthritis

    NHS Choices11 May, 2015

    “Infection could trigger arthritis,” claimed a headline in the Daily Express.

  • Appetite for apples? How fruit sugars may not suppress hunger

    Appetite for apples? How fruit sugars may not suppress hunger

    NHS Choices10 May, 2015

    Are you tempted to avoid eating fruit “because the sugar in it triggers cravings,” as the Mail Online suggests?

  • 'Beau's Lines'

    'Beau's Lines'Subscription

    Features8 May, 2015

    Beau’s lines appear as transverse grooves in the nail and are caused by an interruption of the growth at the nail matrix.

  • Position of the epidural cannula

    Administering 'top-ups' of epidural analgesiaSubscription

    Clinical4 May, 2015

    Epidural analgesic is effective in managing acute pain, but failure is relatively common. Nurse administered top-ups of diamorphine can improve the efficacy of epidural analgesia

  • 'Cardiomegaly'


    Features30 April, 2015

    This patient had pericarditis with a massive pericardial effusion.

  • 'Use of 3D printing in surgery'

    'Use of 3D printing in surgery'Subscription

    Features24 April, 2015

    In this case, a 3D printed model was constructed from a CT scan of the patient’s fractured skull.

  • Normal small intestinal mucosa

    Childhood coeliac disease: diagnostic pathways updateSubscription

    Clinical20 April, 2015

    Amended coeliac disease guidelines mean some symptomatic children can now be diagnosed without having to have a biopsy of their small bowel

  • Proteus Syndrome

    'Proteus Syndrome'Subscription

    Features17 April, 2015

    This 12 year-old male presented with a foot and ankle mass which had been growing since birth.

  • It is unclear whether a similar effect would occur in humans

    Can plucking hairs stimulate new hair growth?

    NHS Choices17 April, 2015

    “Plucking hairs ‘can make more grow’,” BBC News reports, while the Daily Mail went as far as saying scientists have found “a cure for baldness”. But before you all reach for your tweezers, this discovery was made in mice, not humans.

  • Vigorous exercise 'may help prevent early death'

    Vigorous exercise 'may help prevent early death'

    NHS Choices13 April, 2015

    “Short bursts of vigorous exercise helps prevent early death,” The Independent reports after an Australian study found vigorous exercise, such as jogging, reduced the risk of premature death.