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Andrew Fishburn

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  • Comment on: 'Nurses need a strategy to fix the workforce crisis'

    Andrew Fishburn's comment 26 July, 2017 8:31 pm

    There absolutely a strategy at play here: but it is to destroy the NHS. Tories do not believe in state intervention in people's lives. As such the NHS represents the worst possible manifestation of state intervention to the Tories. It is failing by design - the workforce crisis is brilliant news for the Gvt - the answer (to the Gvt) is a private sector providing the services. The problem, for me at least, is that the nursing workforce has huge political power but is too apathetic to do anything about it.

  • Comment on: Nurse prescribers credited with saving NHS ‘millions’

    Andrew Fishburn's comment 16 December, 2015 11:00 pm

    Thanks Derek - I take on board your points. Value for money is always something we bring to the table. Usually whilst improving quality - but I have to take issue with the nursing profession that it has never had the courage to value itself financially. Yes, there is a limited pot of money - but there are choices. For example, the gvt choose to give those at the top of the tree a tax cut whilst pegging our salary. For 4 years. And intends to do so again. Whilst the gvt savaged our pension we did nothing.
    I developed a service that utterly transformed cancer diagnosis in our Trust for my specialty - shortening diagnosis from 10days to same day by radically developing the role of nurses. Better for patients and much cheaper - delivered by nurses rather than docs. And I now teach on the SpR training programme to share the transformation in care. Major developments like this are littered throughout the nursing profession, and I am as guilty as anyone about failing to celebrate it publicly - I just get on with the job, looking for the next thing to improve at cheaper cost.
    I do believe we are undervalued and that in recent times the austerity mantra is just an excuse to drive down our salary whilst the gvt continues to break up the NHS to the highest bidder.
    Have you looked into TTIP? Will tell you everything you need to know about the political direction of travel.
    PS apologies for the long winded nature - am v tired t the end of a very challenging day!

  • Comment on: Nurse prescribers credited with saving NHS ‘millions’

    Andrew Fishburn's comment 13 December, 2015 12:50 pm

    Derek, you are absolutely right in your observations. Name a field of healthcare and there is evidence of the unique impact that nursing brings to the table, in this case with prescribing.

    Whatever opportunities present themselves in the future we will be there, beating a path to make things better for patients.

    I do, however, have sympathy with Anons comment. Those running healthcare will always provide the service at the cheapest cost. Sadly, however, nurses have a track record for failing to protect the profession financially. The recent farce over the pension was a good example of that. The erosion of unsocial extra duty payments will be next. The fact that these payments make approx 20% of a band 5 take home salary, for someone on regular night duty that is 37%. Compare us to ANY other graduate public service and we are not paid with parity. We are conditioned to accept it.

  • Comment on: Osborne reveals NHS pay restraint bombshell

    Andrew Fishburn's comment 9 July, 2015 8:43 pm

    The coalition government dipped its toe in the water to test reaction to the changes in the NHS pension, which for many years Ben in surplus. We stood by, the government made unnecessary changes and they now have permission to treat us unfairly.

  • Comment on: Standards dropping as NHS staff made redundant, claims Labour

    Andrew Fishburn's comment 5 January, 2015 9:27 pm

    Tony, it was 10% if I recall correctly.

    And that's before the expenses they are allowed to claim.

    All in this together?


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