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angela sandry

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: Tories say nurse degrees should be an 'aspiration' not an 'entry requirement'

    angela sandry's comment 4 February, 2010 1:47 pm

    Yet again we are having this argument about degree level nursing. I trained in 1977, and this argument was happening then. Whether nursing goes to degree level or not, the one outstanding fact appears to be that those who are advocating sincerely beleive they feel this is the way nursing should go.
    Nurses should develop themselves, and their A.P.R. should document this. The tools are there to develop the evidence based practice aspect, and the job competancy should reflect this without a degree being necessary
    To suggest, as some respondants have, that those who will not study for a degree are not serving the cause of nursing is cruel and vicious. I would not like to work beside someone with the attitude that because I would not study to degree level I am less of a nurse than they.

  • Comment on: Noise levels 'too high' on wards

    angela sandry's comment 11 December, 2009 12:13 pm

    I work on a elective orthopaedic ward and have always thought that the phones and staff discussions should be carried on behind glass to prevent the noise carrying through the ward. for various resons the "higher ups" have always said this cannot be allowed. My reply is why not? The policy of being always available for the patient if they come up to the nurses desk can still apply if the staff can go to the other side of the glass when they see a patient/relative approaching. I feel that the mind set among clinical staff is that only the current system of open plan is suitable. The retinue of consultants and doctors have their own offices and discussion rooms around the ward areas; there is no need for them to block up the nurses work space, and consequently add to the ward noise.

  • Comment on: Band four assistants 'no substitute' for nurses

    angela sandry's comment 7 December, 2009 11:28 pm

    As a band 3 nursing assistant, I would like to point out that I expect to be asked to help registered nurses not only with training band 1 and 2's to become competant in basic skills such as helping feeding, bathing and helping patients to retain their independance and encourage their independance, but to also mentor these very junior staff. The qualified nurses have so much to do with mentoring their students and running their teams, and sometimes the wards and departments that with the best will in the world they cannot do everything necessary to help nursing assistants. Are the qualified staff generally aware the band 3 nursing assistants can become NVQ assessors which helps qualified staff to trust band 3 nursing assistants with their patient's care? That NVQ assessors are an invaluable source for teaching patient care to the standard which the SEN'S used to give. The standard of knowledge might not be the same, but the responsibility is still to the qualified staff. The qualified staff who think that band 3 nursing assistants cannot be trusted to give the patient care required are obviously not aware the level of required knowledge or able to delegate where necessary.