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ann lloyd keen


Hon Prof London South Bank University Senior Scholar Hartford Institute Geriatric Nursing New York


Rn NdN FQNI Former MP and former Health Minister.
Chair of Prime Minister Gordon Brown Commission on future of Nursing and Midwifery.

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  • Comment on: MP and former nurse to lead debate calling for return of student bursary

    ann lloyd keen's comment 21 November, 2018 5:58 pm

    The present crisis call for action, we all know that removing the bursary was wrong, now we know the consequences. Forget for the moment who said what and why, please just could we work with grown up politicians for this is what we now need Congratulations to Ealeanor for her political astuteness today, we must all work with her. We must also change this damaging change and address this serious issue for all of our sakes.

  • Comment on: Radcliffe: ‘Perhaps nursing is still infected by its distant past’

    ann lloyd keen's comment 9 November, 2018 9:42 am

    So agree this article requires us to look at so many areas of how my generation views students. I was 26 when I started my training in 1976 my family had always discussed politics my father a steel worker grandad miner. I was to train to be a nurse in the most treasured achievement of post war BRITAIN. I joined NUPE not the RCN main reason it believed in minimum wage good housing education safe care at work, all areas seriously effecting health. I assumed all I worked alongside felt the same. Wrong, I was to be obedient show deference to my seniors and especially doctors. I was appalled, always gave respect where deserved but never ever went along with this behaviour. I became active , night duty as a first year student I was left alone with approx 30 patients. 1976 I reported to my union this unsafe practice, not one nurse supported me, similar with poor practice on Geriatric wards, no support from my senior nurse managers when I reported scandalous neglect in a private nursing home that I alone fought to have closed down
    Finding two patients on seperate occasions dead in their home from Hypothermia in 1980
    So I turned my anger into my first of 3 attempts to be elected to Parliament.
    The rest is history on my career, nurses are still led by seniors who remain obedient, show deference to so many and do not ever challenge the Political elite of the day. The RCN has never changed. Nursing students deserve much better of all leaders and we must openly show support and be truly passionate about really caring about all of them

  • Comment on: Chief nurse announces departure amid whistleblowing probe

    ann lloyd keen's comment 13 October, 2018 11:19 am

    Will there ever be a day that the words bullying and culture will not look normal in an investigation of a health care work area,
    We can and must do better than this

  • Comment on: One nurse lost due to lack of support is one too many

    ann lloyd keen's comment 5 October, 2018 9:48 am

    Gemma’s excellent article we all know is true, flexible shifts dare I ask do we really need 12 hour shifts, meal breaks debriefe with seniors, more mentoring , even as basic as asking, how are you, do you want need a chat? CPD is essential, pay, child care or being a career, having recognition safe Staffing Levels no back stabbing but having colleague watching your back, equal rules open safe culture, older part time or returners welcomed, of course you know all of this, obvious I could have written these words in 70, 80,s in fact I did!
    So therefore please make new history. Less we can’t more we will please put in place a culture and system that makes most of this happen
    Nurses explaining their worth for safe practice and economic sense please I will keep trying will you join me?
    The time really is NOW nursing is in a desperate time, I fought hard for university education so come on Deans Directors of Nursing senior nurses community nurses junior staff together work together
    There is no excuse if we all don’t act stay silent looks like we don’t care, I know you do.

  • Comment on: Health secretary announces social care emergency funding

    ann lloyd keen's comment 2 October, 2018 3:54 pm

    Listend to SOS speaking to an almost empty hall
    Understand of course about the excellent care his sister had. Which of course is important to hear. GP,s are critical to community care . So disappointed and also very concerned that Nurses were not mentioned other than to say we have thousands more. Very serious considering the nursing workforce in particular districtnurses will be needed in ENGLAND to deliver safe quality economic care in the community. SOS needs to be asked

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