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Anne Heard

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Comments (6)

  • Comment on: English language checks 'may harm' overseas recruitment

    Anne Heard's comment 28 May, 2015 9:10 pm

    Communication is nursing's core business.

  • Comment on: Nurses set to hold rally against threat to unsocial hours pay

    Anne Heard's comment 13 May, 2015 2:18 am

    There are mutterings in Australia about this issue. When school is conducted across weekends then nurses will have difficulty explaining why they want and need penalty rates for out of hours work. When your bank manager is available 24/7 then we might think about penalty rates. When our local parliamentarian is available 24/7 I'll eat my hat!!

  • Comment on: 'Why do we remain so blasé about administering oxygen?'

    Anne Heard's comment 11 August, 2014 10:52 am

    New Obs Charts here in Queensland Australia have "altered parameters" entries to be filled by doctors and then used by nurses to administer oxygen via whatever means available, nasal prongs or mask, to maintain sats within those stated parameters. This avoids the compulsion some nurses have to achieve 99-100% in every patient. It is also useful to measure saturation periodically on room air as the result will often come in just above the lower limit specified. We have the obligation to do no harm and it is a pity to introduce a dependence on oxygen to a patient expected to be discharged without access to supplemental oxygen. I realise that acutely unwell patients may respond to higher than usual oxygen levels in their ability to overcome a health challenge, but ultimately need to be able to return home without that extra boost and remain as well as they were premorbidly. It is up to the healthcare team to ensure we don't create a new dependency.

  • Comment on: Overseas nurses admit they don’t always have the 'right' language skills

    Anne Heard's comment 28 May, 2014 2:27 pm

    Also happening in Australia. Healthcare is a very particular "culture", I know, but since communication is at the core of our business we may benefit from ensuring that language skills are adequately assessed prior to allowing entry into the system. Nursing assessment and clinical skills performance rely
    on a very thorough knowledge of pure and colloquial language in any culture/setting. Nursing documentation needs to be legible, concise and accurate. Healthcare teams achieve optimal outcomes where collaboration is clear and unambiguous. Finally, patient input, cooperation and informed consent all rely on clear communication.

  • Comment on: Nurse struck off for not investigating abuse allegations

    Anne Heard's comment 23 February, 2014 9:24 am

    Abuse also includes poor standards of care. As nurses we are required to report these shortfalls in the expected standards despite misgivings around "dobbing in"colleagues.

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