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anne murphy-spence

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Comments (14)

  • Comment on: Mid Staffs A&E sisters struck off by NMC

    anne murphy-spence's comment 26 July, 2013 10:56 am

    What a vile pair,they should now be prosecuted for their vile racist behavior. In all my 30 years of nursing i am happy to say i have never come across such vile behaviour. Most nurses are trying to give the best care they can under such stressful circumstances. Lets hope these 2 thugs get a taste of their own medicine,when admitted as patients themselves,although thankfully no nurses would not act like them!!

  • Comment on: Unprotected sex driving rise in numbers contracting HIV

    anne murphy-spence's comment 24 February, 2013 11:26 am

    What is anal pressure on abnorminal organs????
    Sally are you a nun or Nurse? Hep A,B,C can be 'got' by the loving/caring heterosexual population also,and our moral abiding population get STI's too!!!
    what we need is media help,with articles on prevention,soaps with plots with young men getting regularly tested. More celebrity's(gay),talking about regular testing,and more nurses keeping up to date with destructive lifestyles in our younger population!

  • Comment on: 9 ways the Francis report could change your nursing practice

    anne murphy-spence's comment 7 February, 2013 12:21 pm

    In the real world, all the recommendations should be implemented. 'Key nurse on all doctor patient consultation',does this Key nurse stop what she is doing and i wont list the many tasks she is trying to carry out,so she can attend the consultation.(poor old Key nurse is another 'Super nurse' we implemented in the 90's,then got rid of most of her team because Super nurse cost so much). We try to attend study days and courses as much as we can,its an insult to say we are not. In my Trust we are paid for 2-3 hours on a S/D,the rest in our own time.,many nurses attend in their own time and not paid a penny. It gets me cross when told due to staff shortage S/D cancelled. Is Mr Francis informed of this?
    Glad he recommends bosses back on the floor and lets get students out of those colleges,tutors back on the wards (helping to reduce the moutains of written work a student brings along with her for poor Key/Super nurse to fill out, along with 500 hundred tasks) and become a team again.

  • Comment on: 'Francis will encourage nursing to put patients before paperwork'

    anne murphy-spence's comment 7 February, 2013 11:41 am

    There will be so much more paper work after this enquiry, to keep the legal system happy.Francis mentions whistleblowers ,look what happened to Graham Pink so many years ago and to many more after him,and will continue to do so (new buz word in the NHS is conflict,no doubt the whistlebower will be accused of causing conflict). Lets get rid of these high Band 'clip board fannys' and start acting on the results of the patient surveys with a caring, common sence attitude,its not rocket science.The surveys tell us time and time again,NOT ENOUGH NURSES ON THE WARDS.

  • Comment on: Search for new NMC chief exec put on hold

    anne murphy-spence's comment 10 October, 2012 5:26 pm

    Bet Nurse Jackie could run the NMC,no problem. What a joke that lot are,love to bump into Prof Weir-Huges,bet he'd hve a few stories to tell-Whistleblower !!!!

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