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Barry Davies

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: 'It’s time the government gave people the present they really need'

    Barry Davies's comment 23 December, 2018 10:36 pm

    The present we really need a return to traditional training where nurses learned a practical occupation through practice and were not trained to be able to work all over the eu instead of here. there is no evidence to show that all graduate nursing has improved the standard of care in hospitals, if anything it has regressed.

  • Comment on: What we choose to wear is part of our identity

    Barry Davies's comment 2 December, 2017 11:48 pm

    I remember in 1981 this was the case in the mental hospital I stated training at in January that year, by 1982 every patient had their own clothes with name tags in them, and they all got their own clothes when they were dressed. As the old system of care for the mentally ill was discarded for (no) care in the community long ago I'm not sure of the validity of this article.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Warning over future of children’s nurse specialty

    Barry Davies's comment 11 August, 2016 4:59 pm

    We should have retained the specialist names for nurses RGN RMN RSCN and Rms/mh/ldN instead of a generic RN that way there could be no mistake in knowing what area you are registered and qualified to do, the public don't understand the numbers.

  • Comment on: UKIP moots return of enrolled nurse and end to graduate training

    Barry Davies's comment 25 February, 2015 9:11 pm

    Seems like a very good idea to me, under the old training SEN's were enrolled by the then GNC/UKCC These were people who wanted to nurse were more capable than HCW's but were not interested in being a boss, they wanted to care for people and were pretty good at it. The nearest thing to theses people now are HCA's with level 3 nvq's. Having trained under the old system which did not have the common nursing section, you either trained as a general mental illness or what is now badly named learning difficulties, then added to your basic training as you went along, nurses did not need to be made to do further education in those days, I was teaching, and yes you needed a degree to do this, under the introduction of P2K and the migration to universities. The main difference and the major problem is the size of intakes these days it is difficult to teach in any way other than lectures, it was this aspect that took me back to the wards from the teaching. Therein to traditional training will mean that people who want to nurse, not just get a degree will increase, and the attrition rate after qualification of those not wanting to nurse because it isn't what they thought it was will reduce drastically. There is not now and never has been any rational reason for full graduate nursing in the UK it was forced on to us by the eu.

  • Comment on: Unison seeks ballot for industrial action over NHS pay

    Barry Davies's comment 4 April, 2014 10:29 am

    This is just another part of the privatisation plans for the NHS, run it down sell it off cheap and make a fortune for themselves campaign. It has seen their attempts to close hospitals or down grade come up against strong public opinion in Lewisham, so then they tried to lie about Mid staffs, spreading nonsense which is still spewed out despite being disproved of huge amounts of needless deaths, at most one was a possibility, and drinking from non existent flower vases, all lies of course, and when that failed they brought in section 118/9 to close hospitals at will. They do not care for the nhs or its staff at all, the answer is to strike, and only take care of the people who would otherwise die, ensure the operations that are not life threatening don't take place, it is hard on the public, but they are more receptive than you may think to stopping the governments plans in this area, and we all know the HoC was packed for the vote on their pay rise.