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  • Comment on: NHS backs RCN drive to improve digital skills among nurses

    Basket Press's comment 23 August, 2017 9:44 am

    It would also be helpful if clinical staff were involved in purchasing/design/set up of computerised notes systems rather than just managers (even if the managers at one time had a clinical background), as this might prevent such systems, like the one my old trust used, becoming useful for managers while having huge flaws for use by clinicians.

    And then we get round to the issue of trusts providing training for staff which can be easily available to all...Records so far are not good.

  • Comment on: Mental health academics warn generic training could ‘backfire’ on employers

    Basket Press's comment 16 November, 2016 7:50 am

    As I have pointed out before, the current and previous forms of MH nursing training barely equip the newly qualified to function, so reducing the amount of specific MH content of MH nurse training will be a distinct backward step.

    This inadequacy was tacitly acknowledged by the concept of "preceptorship".

    And I repeat yet again that employers are already unwilling to support most staff in any training which isn't the stat and man stuff they need to maintain foundation trust status, so where does any one expect the necessary post-registration training that this will demand to come from?

  • Comment on: Two mental health trusts rated as 'outstanding' by CQC

    Basket Press's comment 12 October, 2016 5:14 pm

    “The thing these two trusts had in common was the quality and style of leadership,” he said. “What we found was a very open culture where the leadership teams really valued the input and initiative of shown by frontline staff."


    That in no way reflects the NTW I worked for in its various iterations for over 25 years, in fact the opposite was true: frontline staff were ignored, belittled, harassed by management apparatchicks; those who did not spout the "official line" were sidelined and eased out of their jobs; reports by external experts into poor management were "disappeared"; staffing levels in my old service were cut to the point that it was not possible to provide any sort of adequate service, let alone a good one; micro-management by mangers who had NO clinical experience in the relevant area, aside from being the spouse of a director, was the order of the day...

    The CQC are really lacking in any sort of credibility if they can give NTW an excellent rating and make those sort of positive comments about it. I thought they were pretty much lacking that after my very good indeed GP practice (I know it personally and professionally) was heavily criticised, but this takes the biscuit...

  • Comment on: Trust launches hard-hitting staff flu jab campaign

    Basket Press's comment 28 September, 2016 5:06 pm

    Anonymous @3.47pm

    The ingredients of vaccines, like any pharmaceutical product, are easily found.

    If "folk allow the NHS to stick stuff into our systems without really knowing what it contains" you either haven't looked it up or haven't asked.

    Personally I found that I was more at risk from patients than they ever were from me: parents bringing flu-ridden kids in for appointments, or not telling me on home visits that Little Johnny was full of flu. Thanks folks!

  • Comment on: Mentors face ‘threats’ from failing student nurses

    Basket Press's comment 23 September, 2016 1:04 pm

    It's a complicated area.

    First off, many mentors are NOT adequately prepared and supported for the role. Minimal training is given to them and the annual "mentor update" is, IME, a joke. Trusts take money from universities for providing training placements and insist that qualified nurses act as mentors, whether someone is suited to the role and wants it or not, but then provide no support for those mentors, refuse to adjust clinical caseloads to reflect mentoring responsibilities and the time necessary to carry those out adequately, and then threaten disciplinary action against those who decide that they do not have time for both clinical work and mentoring.

    Support from universities for mentors is equally non-existent - I can count on the fingers of one finger the number of times in 25 years that I met a student's tutor, which includes many final placements. And then we have the students who turn up expecting to start a placement which no-one has told us about and students being sent on placement to very specialised areas before they have got a handle on some of the basics (seriously, I did not have the time to be taking someone back to basics of MH nursing while working with some of the pretty obscure issues I did work with).

    I was very fortunate that all the students I mentored/supervised in all that time were good and wanted to learn and that I never had any concerns about anyone's competence nor professionalism, but I do think this is despite the system rather than because of it...

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