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Bill Toy

Newcastle upon Tyne


RGN 1976, RMN 1978, MSc (Addictions) 2000.
Having spent some time in Service management (community drug teams, CMHTs, Overseas addictions hospital, Stop Smoking Service) have decided that this is too far removed from what I trained to do and have returned to clinical practice.

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  • Comment on: Eating tomatoes linked to cancer prevention in men

    Bill Toy's comment 28 August, 2014 3:18 pm

    Very intersting - but if we eat the 'beneficial' amounts of everything that is recommended we are all likely to be diabetic coronory risks!!!!!

  • Comment on: Hospital worker dies after stabbing at mental health hospital

    Bill Toy's comment 14 July, 2014 11:10 am

    With increasing pressure to meet targets, reducing staffing ratios and declining morale it is to the credit of the the staff who work across the board in health care - but particularly in higher risk units, that there aren't more tragedies like this happening!!

    My thoughts go out to our fallen colleague and her family.

  • Comment on: Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking?

    Bill Toy's comment 12 February, 2014 12:43 pm

    Basically I'm saying - so it reinforces the hand to mouth behaviour - SO WHAT - if thats what people want to do - but they are not inhaling a cocktail of industrial gasses it has surely got to be better for them and the people they live with??????

  • Comment on: Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking?

    Bill Toy's comment 12 February, 2014 12:39 pm

    To further state the blindingly obvious - there is no rational argument to the facts that smoking tobocco (or anything else for that matter) is damaging to your health and to others who do not diectly smoke via passive smoking.

    Any attempt to reduce this threat to our nations health should be pursued - but - up to now - all we have had is NRT products and some other meds that require the smoker to quit.

    The biggest cause of relapse is not nicotine withdrawal - NRT products are freely avaialble on prescription and to buy - its that people miss the 'habit' of smoking.

    If we agree that the Stop Smoking Movement is about reducing the health burden caused by the other noxious and carcingenic elements in tobacco smoke, then providing a system where people can indulge in their pleasurable habit of puffing on something that looks like a cigarette or pipe while greatly reducing their own and families risk of developing serious illnesses is another 'no brainer' and I just can't see why the Dept of Health / NICE etc is'nt embracing the opportunity, investing in some development and producing a product that IS regulated and safe - as an alternative to being able to continue to buy tobacco which IS regulated by our Government and clearly UNSAFE.

  • Comment on: Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking?

    Bill Toy's comment 11 February, 2014 2:04 pm

    I think we need to be clear about the purpose o e cigarettes.

    Its about Harm Minimisation (Reductiom) which is about reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in both active and passive smoke.

    Using something that reduces this risk to almost zero while accepting that it is stil maintaining a nicotine addiction and reinforcing the smoking habit is a lessor consideration.

    We are now considering a ban on smoking in vehicles where children are present. Good thing I say but how can we police and enforce it??

    To offer this as an alternative considerably protects children but does not alienate smokers and may be even will persuade them to consider a(nother) quit attempt.

    But they are not regulated some people cry - well lets get them regulated and made safer so we can use them effectively.

    (For qualification - I have practised in and managed addictions services for over 30 years including 2 years as an NHS Stop Smoking Services Manager and am a lifetime non smoker).

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