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Bridgit Dimond


  • Circumstances to legitimate a terminationSubscription

    14 October, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A 10-year-old girl is pregnant after being raped by a member of her family. The pregnancy is not discovered or diagnosed until the child is 24 weeks pregnant. What laws can be applied to this particular case?

  • Suicide risksSubscription

    29 September, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    Following a patient suicide in a mental health and learning disability unit, instructions have been issued that include the removal of bedroom door locks and fire extinguishers. These conflict with other guidance. Where do nurses stand legally?

  • ECT conundrumSubscription

    7 May, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A staff nurse has been given a demonstration of new ECT machinery, which involved no assessment of her competence. Can she refuse to use it?

  • Who can sign a consent form?

    Who can sign a consent form?Subscription

    26 March, 2008

    A surgeon refuses to perform emergency surgery on a confused elderly lady without consent. She has no known relatives – can anyone else sign a consent form?

  • What happens to confidentiality if I am a witness in a child protection case?

    What happens to confidentiality if I am a witness in a child protection case?Subscription

    3 March, 2008

    When staff are witnesses in child protection cases, do they need a subpoena to protect them against possible action for breach of confidentiality?

  • record keeping nurse monitoring patient on bed

    What should I do if a colleagues competence is questioned?Subscription

    1 February, 2008

    If an appropriately qualified nurse is allocated to a patient but her competence is questioned by a staff member, what are the responsibilities of the manager?

  • What duty of care do I have in public?

    What duty of care do I have in public?Subscription

    29 January, 2008

    A nurse at a railway station notices a man close to the line and fears he intends to jump. Does the nurse have a duty of care to stop him jumping in front of a train?

  • A practical guide to the Mental Capacity ActSubscription

    11 December, 2007Updated: 4 March, 2009

    Bridgit Dimond outlines the key principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

  • ‘If the child suffers harm, you may be found to have acted negligently’Subscription

    12 November, 2007Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A GP asks you, a community or practice nurse, to make a home visit to see a child who is reported to have a temperature and is vomiting. Do you agree and, if so, what do you need to be aware of?

  • Diamorphine dilemmaSubscription

    30 October, 2007

    A quantity of the drug diamorphine is found to be missing from the ward. What procedure should follow and how serious is this situation for the registered practitioner responsible for the drug going missing?