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Call for BNP nurses to be banned from conference


Nurses and health staff from the union Unison are to debate whether registered nurses should be banned from joining the far-right British National Party (BNP) at a conference next month.

Police are already banned from joining the BNP because of fears that its extreme political views will affect officers’ conduct.

However the publication of a list last year of BNP members showed that several practising and former nurses were members of the party.

The motion, ‘BNP policy is incompatible with nursing’, to be debated at next month’s Health Group Annual Conference in Harrogate in April.

It reminds nurses that the Nursing and Midwifery Council code stipulates that nurses should never discriminate against people under their care.

The motion says: ‘Membership of the BNP is wholly incompatible with public service, and this is especially so for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors who have a unique role in caring for vulnerable people on a daily basis.’

It calls for the government to raise the issue with government and the four Departments of Health to establish legal powers to prevent BNP members and members of other racist groups from employment in nursing roles.

They should ensure that standards within the Improving Working Lives initiative are tightened to take account of the importance of diversity, the motion says.

If the motion succeeds, the union will also press the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to support its call for legislation on this issue and issue interim advice to registered nurses of the standards expected of them.



Readers' comments (7)

  • Loathsome though I find the BNP, they are a legitimate political group in this country and as such, no citizen (even if s/he is a nurse or indeed a policeman) should be sacked merely because they hold this particular political view. This 'right' is enshrined in Human Rights Act (art 9,10 & 11).

    Equally, the rights of these BNP citizens must not harm other citizen's rights. The Human Rights Act is there to protect us all - even the most vile of us - otherwise, we all become Fascists and the BNP 'win'.

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  • Who says that nursing staff will discriminate against certain patients because the nurse or H.C.A happen to be a member of the B.N.P.
    These are all presumptions which are wrong.
    I work in the health service and am a member of the B.N.P. but give me credit i do not discriminate against anyone.
    This supposedly free country is getting very close too big brother tactics .
    Do what we want and say .

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  • Michael Sandiford

    The views held by the BNP are racist and bigotted. Therefore in my mind the people who support the BNP hold these opinions also.

    These beliefs clash with the code of conduct, and nurses who don't adhere to the code of conduct get struck off the register.

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  • Are the toothless high and mighty unison going to ban all members of far left liberal parties too? Or are they just being as discriminatory and bigotted as they claim the BNP are?

    The BNP are a legitimate political party, wether you agree with their politics or not you CANNOT discriminate against people because of their beliefs.

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  • To Michael Sandiford: BELIEFS do not clash with a code of conduct. BEHAVIOUR clashes with a code of conduct. A person can hold a particular social/political point of view and still act professionally.

    For example, I have deeply held views against drugs and drug users, yet treat many patients who abuse drugs as professionally and as courteously as everyone else I treat at work.

    So how are my social/political views incompatible with a code of conduct?

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  • Michael Sandiford said...
    "The views held by the BNP are racist and bigotted. Therefore in my mind the people who support the BNP hold these opinions also."
    The key phrase is "in my mind". You build a straw man to knock it down. Study the BNP's policies... bigotted and racist? I don't think so. Nationalism is not racism.

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  • The BNP are a nazi organisation that support the politics of Hilter and the Nazis. Need I remind anyone of the Holocaust and the forced sterilisation of people whom the Nazis considered inferior. The Nazis also experimented on people in their death camps. The BNP supports this ideology and it doesn't matter whether their leader or their members lie about this fact they have already been convicted by the words of their own leading members. Visit Searchlight and Unite Against Fascism for evidence of what the BNP really believe.

    How can any member of the BNP including the nursing member in this thread claim that they do not subscribe to this horrific ideology when they support what the Nazis did in Germany?

    BNP members are not fit to work in the NHS because they are racists and believe in eugenics and the extermination of people they consider inferior. As a former mental health worker in the NHS I would not want to work alongside a member of the BNP because they hold these beliefs. How can any client or worker trust them to offer an impartial service when they consider the people they are working with to be worthless and disposable?

    What about the safety and free speech of the people we are meant to be treating and protecting?

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