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Education &Training Manager and Clinical Educator


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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: 'Are we asking overseas nurses to jump through too many hoops?'

    CatherineAHH's comment 11 July, 2018 2:19 pm

    I think it is important to remember the extremely valuable contributions that our international colleagues have made, and continue to make, regarding health care provisions in the UK. I understand some of the points raised by anonymous but don't agree with all of the views expressed. The retention of trained nurses is a historical issue and contributes significantly to the nursing shortages. A shortfall of applicants for nurse training has been evident recently due to the changes in funding arrangements, but also the number of training places available through local contracts can add to the difficulties of nurse recruitment in the long run. Currently there are not enough places for all those wanting to study medicine, so training opportunities abroad have become popular.

    Everyone is entitled to respect, no matter where an individual hails from. Stating 'we don't want them unless they speak our language at all times and treat us with respect' is perhaps somewhat harsh and reflects a culture of disrespect and discrimination. Pay, conditions and opportunities may be better in the UK in comparison to other countries, but I don't see how 'we get them on the cheap'. I have worked with many highly skilled and knowledgeable colleagues who have opted to live in the UK and they certainly have not been 'inferior' members of staff, quite the opposite. To refer to a community of nurses being inferior is insulting.

    The hoops are time consuming,difficult and expensive to jump through, and I agree with the notion that the standards for pass rates are not the most realistic. The standards do need addressing but also the UK needs to address the shortfalls in quality, and attitude applicable to the UK nurses undertaking

  • Comment on: Health board criticised for ‘failing to respect dignity of patient’

    CatherineAHH's comment 31 August, 2017 12:49 pm

    What an a dreadful and tragic case that should never have occurred. To make matters worse, I consider the £1,500.00 compensation to be an absolute insult to the family.