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Chancellor to consider report on regional pay


A report on the widespread introduction of regional pay setting in the NHS has been with civil servants for more than two months, Nursing Times has learnt.

The Department of Health received the findings of a review by the NHS Pay Review Body at the beginning of July. Chancellor George Osborne first mooted the idea of introducing differing regional pay levels across the public sector in his 2011 autumn statement.

Nursing Times understands the chancellor wants to see similar reports from the rest of the public sector before he decides whether to press ahead with plans to introduce regional pay. The School Teachers Review Body, the last to submit its conclusions, is expected to hand over its report to ministers later this month.

The DH supports the idea and wants to see new “high cost area supplements” – similar to the existing London weighting – introduced more widely. These would increase pay in some regions, but would be paid for by lower wages elsewhere.

It suggested two alternatives in its submission to the PRB review in April. One option would see a new pay zone covering London and much of the South, while a second option includes those areas plus parts of the Midlands as well as areas in and around Manchester and Leeds.

However, the Liberal Democrats potentially set themselves on a collision course with their coalition partners by voting to block moves towards regional pay setting at their annual conference last week.

Both the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and business secretary Vince Cable have voiced their opposition to the idea, arguing that it could damage local economies and undermine services.

A Treasury spokesman told Nursing Times: “In line with the usual process the government is considering the independent pay review bodies’ reports and will publish and respond in due course. Nothing has yet been decided.”


Readers' comments (24)

  • the tory gravy train runs on and on

    why not give tax breaks to the rich and take money from the poor...oh sorry they have done that already!!

    why not get rid of front line posts to save money instead of managers...oh they have already done that!!!

    why not privatise the nhs and use companies like serco who have numerous reports in the press about haw crap they are, not use the public nhs..they have already done that

    i could go on!!!

    roll one 2015 get these eton morons out!!!

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  • Anonymous | 2-Oct-2012 10:07 am

    2015! as long as it doesn't mean letting in labour again!

    "The Conservative Party | Get Involved | Join the Party - United Kingdom

    There are two ways to join the Conservatives: as a Member or as a Friend. Both are great ways to show your support, so choose the one that's right for you."

    as posted on Google

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  • oh god here's that prat cameron again!

    conservatives...evil vile people

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  • Anonymous | 2-Oct-2012 1:30 pm

    what a nasty, biggoted and childish thing to say. it is not because they are conservatives or labour which makes them evil people! Everybody needs to be working together.

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  • By all means introduce regional pay. That just confirms what we (who work in the NHS) already know, AfC was a complete waste of money and we go round and round in circles yet again. Its not nice working for the political football, I'd leave but l love looking after my patients whatever the Government of the day heaps on us!!!!

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  • Anonymous | 2-Oct-2012 1:30 pm

    surely such a comment does not come from somebody claiming to be an educated professional such as a 'nurse'!

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  • Florence

    I voted Tory in 2010.I had high hopes at the time and although I wasnt keen on the coalition I still believed briefly that things would improve. Ive just turned 40 and for the first time in my life I have no inkling of how I will vote in the next general election.
    MP'S at a senior level generally have life experience and a good education behind them.And access to experienced professionals who could work with them to shape a thriving, sustainable health service that meets our patients needs and treats its staff well.I realise this is more complex than throwing money at the NHS.
    What I cant understand is why we can't learn lessons from the past. And the reluctance to look seriously at how other Health services world wide work.
    The knowledge and information is all there openly avaliable.
    What we need is people with the tenacity and courage to do the right thing for our health service.

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  • Florence | 2-Oct-2012 4:38 pm

    i agree with you entirely. but I ask the same questions about world peace. All those beautiful countries of the world totally destroyed when everybody could be living together and making life better for ourselves and others. Everybody has so much to offer and I am sure some of these countries could become far richer through tourism and providing good infrastructure and services for themselves and their visitors.

    Everybody without exception should take a good look at themselves and their motives before creating so many troubles and difficulties for others and the world. Why is it any more difficult to do things right than it is to destroy everything that we have created for ourselves.

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  • read the article in todays guardian regarding what andy burnham intends to do when labour get back in govt

    repeal this awful act and get our nhs back where it belongs for the people not rich tory doners who want to profit from ill people

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  • tinkerbell

    Anonymous | 2-Oct-2012 1:39 pm

    what a pompous comment about another poster.

    It is possible to have a political viewpoint and still be a professional.

    The two are completely separate issues.

    You are just as denigrating in your assumption that the person is not a professional in their work capacity.

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