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Rioting youths attack ambulance crews


Rioting youths threw missiles at ambulance crews as they tried to help people injured in the violent disorder that spread across London last night.

Across the capital 22 people were taken to hospital, with many more treated by paramedics at the scene and more reported to have made their own way to the emergency departents.

The violence and looting, which was sparked after police shot and killed Mark Duggan last Thursday, spread to other parts of the country last night.

London Ambulance Service director of operations Richard Webber said this morning: “It was an incredibly challenging night for everyone involved, but all the staff working in our control room, support departments and on the frontline worked very professionally to help us reach patients as quickly as we could.

“On some occasions, this was made even more difficult as missiles were thrown at our vehicles and crews were threatened and intimidated while trying to care for people.

“We will be continuing to regularly review the situation across the capital in order to ensure that we can respond to calls while maintaining the safety of our staff.”

In Birmingham, West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to 34 incidents related to the disturbances between 8.30pm and 3am.

Of these, 13 patients were taken to hospitals across the city. Injuries included lacerations and bruising to the head, a dislocated knee, general cuts, bruising and swelling.

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer Tracey Morrell said: “The majority of incidents have been as a result of assaults, but thankfully most have not been too serious.  However, the fact that over a dozen patients went to hospital gives you an indication of the levels of injury.”

In Liverpool, North West Ambulance Service was on standby for a major incident overnight but despite reports of hundreds of rioters storming shops and starting fires in the south of the city nobody was taken to hospital.

President of the College of Emergency Medicine John Heyworth told Nursing Times he had not received reports of accident and emergency departments being overwhelmed by causualties as a result of the rioting, as the disorder had been confined to the streets.


Readers' comments (17)

  • Are our 'rebels' seeking a regime change? Will Gaddafi back the rebels? God knows how this is being reported across the world.

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  • China has already expressed anxiety at the ability of Britain to cope at the up and coming Olympics. I wonder whether other countries will also loose confidence.

    As for the above article, I just saw a video on CNN of a man sitting on the pavement bleeding profusely who was gently helped to his feet by a man who then proceeded to empty his pockets and rob him!

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  • i am so shocked and put the blame on lack of parenting and education

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  • it is beyond words and so sad that this can go on in Britain and does not bode well for our reputation for tourists and visitors coming to the Olympics - very frightening too. watching reports on tv, the causes and reasons for the violence are apparently very complex and can be blamed on factors that Anon 9 Aug 6.40 mentions but also possibly lack of opportunities for the young, who have not been able for whatever reason to perform at school and lack of social structure. I believe in any country, as well as parents, society and governments are to blame for inadequate social facilities, appropriate support and discipline. social awareness, responsibility and good citizenship need to be taught to young people by parents and through educational programmes, it does not and cannot happen on its own without some sort of guidance.

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  • the fact that news of locations where violence is taking place was being spread by twitter is worrying in the extreme. as is the fact reported in the Telegraph today that Blackberry staff have been threatened with hacking and the disclosure of their personal data if they assist the police with their inquiries. whilst social media has excellent uses as outlined in recent NT articles there are also risks of
    worldwide spread for further untoward uses which could be almost limitless and uncontrollable.

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  • Anonymous | 9-Aug-2011 6:40 pm:
    I think I tend to agree with you here, the obvious lack of good parenting and education of people while young, then joining the Met police and using it as a vehicle of institutionalized racism and bullying is truly appalling. Young kids being subject to the old Suss laws again is disgusting. The youth workers have been warning about this for years and society has ignored it. However it took the recent events of the feral bankers and superrich who incidentally have shown equal lack of connection or respect, I'm not sure what we were all expecting. Why would youngsters who have no connection to society be expected to either show respect or investment in it? And that includes respect towards the fire service and healthworkers.

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  • "nature or nurture' said the professor. 'Whichever way the parents are to blame"
    — François Lelord (Hector and the Search for Happiness)

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  • This is a good, insightful read.

    this is a must watch, even though the BBC woman obviously had NO idea who Darcus Howe is!!

    Trying to hear and understand the causes and reasons for the unrest does not condone or excuse it, but there will be no change until there is a change in society (not just parents!) and we all take responsibility and include these youngsters somehow. We need them as a positive potential for our future.
    As Camila Batmanghelidjh said:

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  • They are scum, pure and simple.

    I'm sure they would be the first to whine if they needed these public services and were then refused to be treated/saved/protected.

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  • tinkerbell

    Every child needs to know that there is someone in their life who loves them enough to 'correct' them and i am not talking about corporal punishment. They need that sense of security, otherwise we end up with a delinquent herd who have no moral compass to guide them through life. If these youths do not see anything wrong in what they have done then something has gone very wrong with the way they have been programmed. Eastenders, undiluted misery. L'oreal 'because you're worth it'. Brainwashed by media, sat in front of a TV and left to stew, Xbox, playstation bombarded with violence, substituted for parental control. How about sitting down with a good book and just being still, being able to cope with being bored without going out and lobbing a brick at someone. I grew up on a council estate, with a single parent, we didn't have a pot to piss in. Goodness knows how i ended up as i did, but someone, somewhere must have had some influence on me so that i managed to come out reasonably OK. In this 'me, me' society we now seem to have become is it strange that we should now find that 'A man is what he thinks about all day long'. (Ralph Waldo Emerson).'I'll take risks but not with my hair', latest loreal clap trap.Puhleese! I am by no means high brow but this dumbing down has got to stop.

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