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Low calorie diet could help reverse Type 2 diabetes


A very low calorie diet could help Type 2 diabetes sufferers reverse their condition, a study has found.

New research has revealed that the diet over a two-month period could cause the body to produce its own insulin, findings which an expert involved in the study called “remarkable”.

The results indicate that a significant fall in calories has a strong effect on reducing fat that has gathered in the pancreas, which then prompts a “wake up” among insulin cells.

Consuming just 600 calories a day as part of the special diet could be enough to trigger a reversal of Type 2 diabetes in some people.

There are almost 3.5 million people in the UK that are affected by the condition.

The findings are consistent with the belief that a lack of insulin secretion - which is vital for blood sugar control - is due to accumulation of fat in the liver and pancreas.

Experts at Newcastle University carried out an early-stage trial on 11 people with diabetes.

They each followed a diet of liquid drinks (containing 46.4% carbohydrate, 32.5% protein and 20.1% fat, with vitamins and minerals) and non-starchy vegetables.

After just one week, pre-breakfast blood sugar levels had returned to normal among the group.

Over two months, insulin cell function in the pancreas increased towards normal and pancreatic fat decreased, as shown on MRI scans.

Three months later, after going back to normal eating with advice on portion control and healthy foods, seven people remained free of diabetes.



Readers' comments (9)

  • Amazing. is this really true.

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  • Diabetes appears to be in the increase in Europe and this is good news.

    Could this also be used as a preventative measure?

    Apart from the benefits to patients condemned to a life sentence of insulin and all the complications of diabetes, there may also be enormous cost saving advantages to those who are only interested in the financial side of the health sectors on the condition that patients are provided with adequate support.

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  • I had a borderline fasting glucose and glucose tolerance test, I lost weight and lo and behold my results normalised. It isn't the strict calorie intake that is the solution, but the associated weight loss, I would suggest that any weight loss will have a similar effect, providing the weight loss is permanent. This has been suggested for years by certain groups on internet caht rooms, but was disregarded because it went against what we are told in nurse training courses and medical courses.

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  • OMG! This is brilliant, and could have a massive cost saving to the NHS!

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  • who is OMG please?

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  • OMG = Oh My God

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  • There you go fokks....dont become a humpty dumpty...stay fit, slim and excercise is the answer...

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  • This is new to the uk, however reversing diabetes is not a new concept -There have been manay small studies see below for example, a section of a report on reverisng diabetic neuropathy
    A nutrition/exercise study brought new optimism to this difficult condition. Milton Crane, M.D., of the Weimar Institute in Weimar, California, studied 21 patients who had developed painful neuropathies in their legs and feet after having had adult-onset diabetes for many years. By using a diet that eliminated all animal products and kept vegetable oils to a minimum, along with regular exercise, leg pains disappeared in 17 patients within two weeks, while the four remaining patients had partial relief. Five patients stopped all their diabetes medicines and the remaining patients cut their doses by about half.. Having explored teh literature on vegan diets and managing diabetes. I have set up a service in the UK aiming to assist people with type 2 disabetes reverse their conditions . I have wrtiiten an award winning book Managing Managing Diabetes A Wholefood Approach for further details see

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  • In addition
    In studies using a very-low-fat, plant-based diet, along with regular walking, cycling, or other exercise, 90 percent of people with adult-onset diabetes using oral medications were able to stop them in less than a month. Of those who had been taking insulin, 75 percent no longer needed it. The benefits hold up over the long term, and for many patients, the disease simply remits.4,5 This combined program also dramatically reduces the risk of eye, kidney, and nerve complications.6-8. For full article and references see

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