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NMC makes progress on case backlog


The Nursing and Midwifery Council has cut its backlog from more than 1,500 cases to just 44, but regulating healthcare assistants as well would be a “step too far”, the regulator’s senior officials have told MPs.

Chair Mark Addison and chief executive Jackie Smith faced a grilling from members of the Common’s health committee last week at the regulator’s annual accountability hearing.

They were asked about their progress with the backlog of fitness to practise cases, which in March 2012 stood at 1,589.

Ms Smith said 44 of these cases remained unresolved, but the majority had a hearing scheduled. She said a handful more were on hold due to investigations by the police and other third parties.

During the 90 minute hearing, Mr Addison and Ms Smith were also asked whether the organisation was capable of regulating healthcare assistants. Mr Addison said it would be a “step too far” for the regulator at the moment, but that would not be the position “forever”.

Committee chair Sir Stephen Dorrell questioned whether they were confident the NMC could introduce revalidation for nurses by 2015, noting it had taken the General Medical Council 10 years to introduce a similar system for doctors.

Mr Addison insisted a system of nurse revalidation would be ready by 31 December 2015.

“I agree there’s a huge amount to do to get to that point…. I think the timetable is realistic,” he told MPs.

Asked about the costs of revalidation, Mr Addison said it would depend on the size of the audit sample, but the biggest costs were likely to fall on the wider system and those employers who did not have an existing appraisal system in place.

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Readers' comments (6)

  • Bearing in mind the NMC are unable to implement a simple system to enable registrants to pay monthly (every other charity, organisation and company seem to be able to manage a direct-debit scheme) how this shower think that they'll be able to have this 'revalidation' farce ready for 2015 is beyond me, but I don't want to put a dampner on their collective back-slapping for a 'job we'll done' in managing to get outstanding FTP cases down to 44, what a joke.

    At least one of them has enough gumption to realise that they're not fit to regulate nurses let alone HCAs! We need rid of this shower of shite if nursing as a profession is to stand any chance at all!

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  • Completely agree with the above post.NMC are a bunch of robbing b,s.£100 per year for what,to protect the public from us,Sometimes i think its us that need protecting from the public.also i think they are very harsh and obstructive when it come to ftp cases,and i dont mean those that appear in front of the NMCbecause they have comitted heinous crimes.some nurses need a bit of compassion shown to them when appearing in front of them something that is sadly lacking.

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  • How much spin is there on this article?

    "cut its backlog from more than 1,500 cases to just 44"

    The close to 1,500 cases in backlog haven't actually been heard and dealt with, but they've had a date (which might be achieved) put on them.

    As a US politician said, you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

    As for the revalidation question, that's a no brainer. No revalidation = no registration = no RN pay = nurses'/Trusts' problem so the NMC are probably right to be confident as it requires the square root of nothing in terms of effort to ensure compliance on their part. Taking money for registration at revalidation/re-registration once instead of DD probably gives them some assurance about everyone being up to date - or at least more likely to be up to date.

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  • Whilst all of the above May be true £100 - to me - is not small-beer: every penny I earn is accounted for. Surely, the NMC could put in place a system whereby our annual subs can be spread-out over the year and an automatic letter (or email or text) be generated if payment isn't made - this is 2013!

    I have grave concerns regarding revalidation and the power it gives individual managers and employers to control and manipulate their staff. Threatening a nurses livelihood goes above and beyond protecting the public and all it will lead to is more bullying and more stress!

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  • £100 per anum is not too bad for a registration with a professional regulatory body. Even more so when said institution has the public safety, registered nurses and organisation kudous as the underpinnings of its purpose.
    Shamefully it only applies to the latter. How abhorently disgraceful that the NMC should congratulate themselves for doing something that should be a matter of course. And Nursing Times, although I admire your publication. It is very dissapointing that so much complimentary font is written about an organisation that have consitiently demonstrated that it is rotten to the core. The NMC has been criticised for breaching 'Human Rights'. And yet it is still permitted to oversee registrants? Is the NMC fit for purpose or practice?
    Any regulatory body is only as credible as the professionals that maintain its function How do we nurses go about creating an institution that is competent, efficient, altruistic and with a decent moral compass? Nursing is a noble and challenging profession. However it is easy to resent a wheezing fat-cat institution that has the £100 per nurse cream, simultaneously doing nothing for it. Well, at least some can sleep at night.
    NMC, please, please get your house in order!

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  • NMC makes progress on case backlog

    No they haven't! No more lies please NMC.

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