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Pay enhancements refused for royal wedding


More than 100 health trusts in England are “stubbornly” refusing to give enhanced pay rates to staff who work on the day of the royal wedding later this month, union leaders have complained.

A study by Unite found that 115 trusts have told nurses and other medical staff they will only receive their normal pay rates if they are on duty on April 29.

Trusts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all paying staff the correct bank holiday rates, ranging from an extra 60% of pay to double pay, said Unite.

The union said a “significant” number of health bodies in England were refusing to recognise the day for extra pay which officials said went against the spirit of the government’s decision to make it a bank holiday.

Unite national officer Rachael Maskell said: “NHS staff will be saving lives, looking after the sick and prepared for emergencies while most of Britain will be taking a well-earned break or celebrating the royal wedding.

“Despite the dedication and the huge pressure on NHS staff, a significant number of NHS trusts are stubbornly refusing to pay bank holiday rates for working during the royal wedding.

“The government has given the country an extra day’s bank holiday to mark the royal wedding but NHS trust chief executives on six figure salaries are refusing to recognise the spirit of the occasion. These trusts still have time to do the right thing and recognise the valuable contribution NHS staff make to this country.”

Unite said that under the national agreement for the NHS, called Agenda for Change, staff working during a bank holiday are entitled to an enhancement in their pay ranging from double to time plus 60%.

Peter Carter, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said the findings showed yet another example of a lack of consistency across the NHS.

“It’s just another ingredient in making people think that they’re not valued.

“It’s really odd that staff in one of the four countries of the UK are not getting the same benefit as those in the other countries.”

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Readers' comments (8)

  • We aren't able to take the day off either , though we can request it of in lui.

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  • So much for the "National" Health Service. Just another example of inequality across the service, and across the country. The Government should be telling all public services to treat the day as a true bank holiday, and providing the funds to cover the extra costs.

    P.S. Don`t know why they didn`t have the wedding on the Saturday, and save all this fuss. I know it`s cheaper to get married during the week, but in this case I`m sure that wasn`t a consideration.

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  • That's okay, I don't get paid a proper and full wage, I refuse to work. Simple as that. I know many who are doing the same, and now they are having to pay out a lot more besides in agency/bank, because the regular staff aren't working!

    The short sighted morons at the trust can get on as high a horse as they like, they won't have any wards to run when staff eventually get sick and tired and refuse to work.

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  • Another case of exploitation of NHS staff.A bank holiday is a bank holiday, and if the Government give April 29th as a bank holiday then it should have nothing to do with Chief Execs whether they are willing to pay staff or not.No doubt they will be at home!!!!!!.Its an absolute disgrace and quite honestly if i wasnt getting paid i would suddenly become sick as Im sick to the back teeth of it all!!!

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  • couldn't care less about a)wedding b)bank holiday c)getting paid time and 2/3 to work it or not

    stick that in yer crack pipe and smoke it

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  • I am happily working it and accruing an extra a/l day for when I want time off. I do think that it should be paid as an enhanced rate though as the AFC guidance allows enhancements for b/h. Seems to be a case of semantics to save a few shillings. Why not pay those at the coal face and scrap a few of the consultants who are being paid £1400 a day in my trust to tell us where cuts can be made. Most of us can identify an area where savings of £1400 per person per day could be made with absolutely no damage to patient care...

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  • it should be treated like any other day! having an extra days annual leave is great though

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  • either it is or it isn't a BH nationally, end of....

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