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Clinical blog: Are you ready for the NT Wii Fit challenge?

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Armed with a Wii Fit, Nursing Times clinical editor Ann Shuttleworth is ready to defuse the obesity time-bomb, but she needs your help

It’s not exactly earth-shattering news that many people in the UK lead unhealthy lives. We sit around all day and eat too much of the wrong things so we’re getting fat, and developing obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. As clinical editor of Nursing Times, I’m constantly reminded of these facts by articles and press releases that come to me with depressing regularity.

Since I can no longer avoid the fact that I am officially a middle-aged woman I also have to take on board the specific and joyous information that mortality statistics can demonstrate how much greed and sloth increase my risk of popping my clogs. (The depressing nature of this information was slightly eased by the fact that the study defined ‘middle age’ as beginning at 30. That should wipe the smiles off a lot of smug thirtysomething faces.) I need to do something about it. Now.

Like countless other people, I’ve persuaded myself that I’d do way more exercise if only gyms weren’t so boring and full of ‘how dare I be so beautiful’ people strutting around with the single purpose of making everyone else feel like a troll. So, I’ve just bought myself a Wii Fit .*

I figured, this Wii Fit lark cuts off the gym-related excuses – and the ‘I can’t go out for a run it’s raining and anyway people will laugh at me’ excuses. It’s convenient, fun and like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home I told myself (I’m a sucker for marketing messages) – and it will be good for my mental health too. How can I possibly find excuses not to use it?

Well, I can leave it sitting in the box for starters. If boxes could smirk, this one would definitely be smirking, because I already feel defeated by the prospect of setting the damn thing up. And when I finally win that battle, I face an even bigger one – my inner lazy slob.

So I’ve decided to go public, in the hope that this will shame me into getting my money’s worth out of the Wii and boosting my chance of successfully negotiating the rest of middle age and making it over the border into old age in a reasonable state. I’m going to confess all right here as I go along. (At least until either I’m fed up of saying ‘sorry, still nothing to report, it’s still in the box’ or I’ve seen some real, positive difference in something – I don’t know what yet because until I open the box I don’t know what differences it’s supposed to measure.)

If anyone else out there has a Wii Fit and needs similar motivation, get in touch. Maybe we can set up some sort of support group or progress-related contest.

I really did buy it – I promise this blog is not brought to you courtesy of Mr Nintendo
  • 1 Comment

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