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comfort renner

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  • Comment on: Three-quarters of nurses missing out on tax relief

    comfort renner's comment 15 August, 2013 3:23 pm

    It is a shame that no one or union remind nurses of this every year. It just goes to show that no one want to give the nurses any thing but to take from nurses.

    We should all look out for each other. I bet a lot of nurses have lost out on this already.

    What a shame.

  • Comment on: 'Pay attack will sink morale and add to staffing crisis'

    comfort renner's comment 3 July, 2013 12:10 pm

    Thank you everyone , your comment are direct to the point. Nothing is new as long as the MP get their expenses claim, 2nd home mortgage and pay rise 100 % more than the nursing profession they do not care.

    The nursing council and unions should reject this offer for nurses , sure we deserve better.

    The nation do not know half of what nurses do and put up with on the wards and the community , it is the goverment cuts and policies that are dragging the nurses down physically, mentally and financially.

    Unions and nurses leaders reject , reject, reject the pay rise and ask for what we deserve.

  • Comment on: 'Put nurses at the bedside, then work out how many are needed'

    comfort renner's comment 8 April, 2013 5:07 pm

    This is the same all the nurses are saying and why is no one listening ???

    The numbers has to be right to improve quality of care , did Lord Frances mentioned this in is write up to the government ???

    We do not need managers on the wards, we need nurses to do their job. This is like saying the banks do not need Bankers to do their jobs, how wrong will this be ???

    Look this has always been a known fact that the government need to involve nurses to detamined what nurses need to perform their role effectively .

    Infact this is one of the things that is cripplying the nurses to do a heart felt job, there is no enough nurses on the ward , in the community and primary care.

    This is one of the noise that nurses have been making for the last 15 yrs, More nurses, no managers, has anyone have the managers counted as hands on nurses ???.

    The government and the public just have to listen to nurses ,end of story.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: hospitals and GP practices will be required to tell truth about errors

    comfort renner's comment 25 March, 2013 12:23 pm

    Bullying and conducts all start from goverment like someone rightly said at the begining of this message.

    I think the reasons why nurses are abused and bullied by the goverment and everyone is because 60-70 % are women in this profession.

    We accept pay cut, etc , how many people in goverment and banks have had a pay cut and no pay increase in the last 3yrs?

    I think the highest paid people should be nurses, teachers, fire service, and ambulance services.

    The nurses are not look after by their bosses , by the goverment, or by their union. If we are not looked after by the same health proffesionals how would we be able to speak out because of fear that we may loose our jobs.

    The employers will continue to bully employees because they know that you would loose your job if you report them and you will not have reference for a new job.

    I do not know how this plan will work but we should all look out.

  • Comment on: Union members reject NMC fee hike and back alternative funding models

    comfort renner's comment 29 August, 2012 11:08 am

    Thank you everyone and l agree with every thing that you have all said.

    The nmc claim they are for the public, then the goverment should be the one paying them and not nurses.

    There should be a prober regulatory body for the nurses and for only anual fee of £10 . We have the two uniuon we are paying to . If a body is not there to serve the nurses and represent us , then they do not deserve our fee.

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