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Danielle Garrington-Miller

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  • Comment on: It's Time to Talk about mental health... and that includes our own

    Danielle Garrington-Miller's comment 19 February, 2016 4:21 pm

    Very Interesting article, I think as student nurses and professionals as a whole there is often fear asking for help as they feel it may affect their career, employment etc and how mental health follows you for life. For example when's was placement health visiting, women who had suffered from depression at any point- this could be 20+ years ago they are automatically flagged up and hounded about PND. In my university alone there is fear of needing occupational health as there is the untrue thought amongst students that "if you end up there you get kicked off...told you're not fit to practice etc". I know employers can't technically discriminate but employers aren't explicit and won't say "you haven't got the job/ promotion because we think you won't cope with the workload as you have time off with depression" You just won't progress. Rambling over, excellent article this will trigger lots of discussion!

  • Comment on: Young people in crisis: are student nurses equipped to deal with teenagers?

    Danielle Garrington-Miller's comment 27 January, 2016 11:03 pm

    I do challenge this culture and the aim of this article in itself is to challenge the mindset of children's nurses when it comes to mental health and call for more from our student education- out patients deserve more. I completely agree that a lack of understanding and care towards mental health is disgusting and hope this comes across in the tone of the article. I wish your child all the best.

  • Comment on: 'It's time to talk money - and take action'

    Danielle Garrington-Miller's comment 3 November, 2015 10:22 pm

    this is a great article and is totally ridiculous my bursary has been cut as well as SF...
    Previous mentors have told me they all used to get £500/pm regardless of any means testing...

    I wonder what happened there?

  • Comment on: When you can’t do right for doing wrong

    Danielle Garrington-Miller's comment 8 October, 2015 2:26 am

    Thank you both for your kind feedback, I'm glad I've made a positive impact on your days!
    Always remember you are enough :)

    Peace and love

  • Comment on: So, you’ve got the ‘Far Placement’

    Danielle Garrington-Miller's comment 4 August, 2015 8:24 pm

    Hi Everyone, Danielle here

    Firstly I would like to apologize for not responding! Sadly, as Guest Editor I do not get any kind of automatic update as to when comments are posted, so I have been unable to keep my finger on the pulse (excuse the pun) of this article.
    @Anna Price, thank you very much for your kind words. It is always nerve-wracking baring your soul on paper. You have really blessed and encouraged me with your words! :)
    @Rebecca Kidman. You are welcome, fortunately my Uni offers a slightly complex system whereupon they pay for your accommodation (there are limits on costs, max £55/night private £22/night nurses/ hospital accom), send me an invoice, which i then have to send to the NHS who pay me the money which i then have to repay the uni! Unfortunately I spent time between b&b's due to lack of accom with no internet and when I did move into nurses accom you had to pay quite a lot (can't remember the exact number now) but I vividly remember balking at the cost which meant I had to limit my usage of the internet to my phone and within my data allowance.
    I am unsure of your Uni's specific policy but we can claim back travel expenses and a % of fuel allowance from the NHS using their placement expenses form, please look into this in case it is available (if you haven't already, they can backdate up to 6 months). However initial travel expenses came directly from my pocket, I received my expenses back within 6 months.
    @Anonymous1 again, i am sorry as I am now too late to help you. I do not have children and struggle with the demands of the course as it is so I really applaud you. I would be interested to know how you got on? At my uni we do have an Extenuating Circumstances form available, maybe you could consider this for next academic year? These forms can allow you specific close allocations, although i doubt you will be sent to Timbuktu two years running!
    @Anonymous2 I am so sorry I did not respond to you when you posted, how are you doing now? Again I do not have the responsibility of children and a partner but I have my own stressors which make me wonder what on earth I have signed up to most weeks.
    The fact that you even got onto this course tells me that you CAN do it, despite the financial problems, isolation and time away from your family. As mentioned above I doubt you will be sent so far again.
    When I feel low and down I ask myself why I wanted to become a nurse.
    In my interview I distinctly remember answering 'i would be fufilled'. That's my mantra- find yours.
    Remember why you applied and how hard you have worked and how dedicated you have been so far to even get on the course in the first place. I congratulate you, daily congratulate yourself.
    Unfortunately I cannot give much advice regarding your personal finances and family situation but I would recommend:
    -Speaking to your student Union about financial help
    -Seeing your GP if the stress becomes too much (they can write you supporting evidence if you need to apply for the aforementioned extenuating circumstances form)
    -Talk to me! I promise to reply on time in future
    -Being firm and not being afraid to say 'this travel is killing me, I need to change placement.

    To all of you, it can feel like Uni don't care, you have to care for yourself. Push and plan for what you need to succeed and be happy on placement. Shout if no body is listening and find ways round the difficulties if you need to. Reach for any and all help and support that is offered.

    Thank you all for supporting me in my writing, I hope to hear from you.

    Danielle xx

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