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David Kitson

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  • Comment on: Study suggests link between fewer nurses and higher death rates

    David Kitson's comment 12 March, 2013 6:27 pm

    The title of this article is misleading - the study actually suggests the opposite - that their is NO statistically significant difference between the numbers of nurses at the two groups of hospitals.

    There is a significant difference between the numbers of doctors, consultants and cleaners, but the difference in nurse numbers is statistically insignificant.

    You can find the details at

  • Comment on: 'Hiving off important responsibilities devalues nurses' skills'

    David Kitson's comment 25 May, 2012 11:45 am

    I wholeheartedly agree with the previous respondent (25-May-2012 10:01 am).

    It would be wonderful if we suddenly had enough time to feed and provide drinks for our patients ourselves, but this isn't going to happen any time soon, especially given the apathy of the vast majority of our colleagues when it comes to trying to change the status quo.

    Numerous studies and investigations have shown that we often fail badly in providing adequate nutrition and hydration to our patients. We can either choose to let this continue or embrace initiatives such as this one which might benefit both our patients and the unemployed.

  • Comment on: 'Clinical IT leaders will make information central to care'

    David Kitson's comment 8 November, 2011 10:49 pm

    I feel we need to adopt a more long-term view of this. Posts are being slashed because of the financial mess we are in. To ensure that we have an NHS in years to come we need to do all we can to work as productively as possible, reducing the amount of time we waste on things like paperwork. Using efficient IT systems and other forms of technology is an essential part of this. I believe that if we take a short-term view and decide to wait for the day when the NHS is awash with money then this type of project will never happen, because that day will never come.

  • Comment on: 'Clinical IT leaders will make information central to care'

    David Kitson's comment 8 November, 2011 1:00 pm

    This sounds like an excellent idea. Modern IT has revolutionised many areas of life and work, but the NHS, partly due to its size and disparate nature, has lagged far behind.

    Improved IT systems could bring enormous benefits to healthcare workers. For example, we can now view an X-ray a couple of minutes after it's been taken and compare it instantly with last year's X-ray, leading to improved diagnosis and treatment of our patients. Years ago this might have taken hours due to having to wait to receive films.

    All too often, however, these IT systems are awkward to use or don't provide exactly the data we want. Having someone with significant clinical experience involved in the design and implementation of these systems could go a long way towards ensuring that they are more appropriate for our needs.

  • Comment on: Postgraduate nursing programmes 'enhance practice'

    David Kitson's comment 3 June, 2011 8:17 am

    "When it comes to patients the only doctor who can legally give a 'medical diagnosis' is a medical doctor. "

    That's not correct - a ward clerk could give a medical diagnosis if they chose to, although their empoyer might not look too favourably on this. It would only be illegal if they pretended to be a doctor while doing it.

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