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david lowry

david lowry

UT SouthWestern Dallas Texas

Case MGT


Started at Grimsby:

1978 Royal Air Force Medic
1982 Nursing Assistant
1983-1985 State Enrolled Nurse (SEN - two year program)
1985 – SEN Care of the Elderly – psycho-geriatrics
1986 – 1989 -Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RMN - three year program)
1989-1990 RMN – worked in the Acute Mental Health setting and as a Community Psychiatric Nurse working with the Elderly
1990-1994 the University of Hull BSc (Honors) in Nursing Studies
1996-1998 - The University of Teesside - RMN to RGN conversion course – RGN Diploma in Nursing. During this period until taking the NCLEX I worked in a variety of settings including Care of the Elderly Mentally ill ( EMI Units ) and teaching

Recent activity

Comments (8)

  • Comment on: Revalidation 'risks early retirement of practice nurses'

    david lowry's comment 22 January, 2016 4:38 pm

    I have to say i am very disappointed by these individuals who leave the shop floor and take administrative roles and lose touch with the real world and impose unrealistic and egotistical ideals to make themselves feel important. I have kept up my registration for the last 12 years even thought I am currently working in the USA and they have stringent requirement, particularly TX and FL. These new requirments are unnecessary and punative not only to those working in the UK but for those of us working overseas who did have plans to return. I think many of us will not renew and deal with this in the future when some commen sence may prevail

  • Comment on: CNO confirms England ready to go ahead with revalidation

    david lowry's comment 30 October, 2015 6:22 pm

    This is awful, having climbed the ranks over 20 years from LPN to BSC I am disgusted by this utter and complete waste of time. I have worked in the USA now for a number of years and in a variety of States holding Licensure in a variety of states. I have to undergo revalidation every two years and hold certain certifications which also require revalidation. I undergo continuing education course provided by the hospital I work for and also undergo mandatory course deemed as required by the Board of Nursing. THIS makes common sense. This is also monitored by a continuing education broker who reports youe CEU's. What is being proposed in the UK will drive Nurses out of the profession, it makes no logical sense and there has to be an hidden agenda. I have maintained my UK credentials at great expense ( significantly more expensive than in the USA ) I will not be renewing come 2016. How in the world how Nurses working overseas going to comple this -I see this as having a very negative effect on Nursing

  • Comment on: NMC reveals new checks for overseas nurses from outside EU

    david lowry's comment 27 August, 2014 4:34 pm

    This seems reasonable considering the new changes in Australia and the fact that when I came to work in the USA I had to complete both the CGFNS and then take the NCLEX

  • Comment on: 'Recognise the vital role of mental health services'

    david lowry's comment 22 August, 2014 5:32 pm

    I was looking at relocating back to the UK and I am still passionate about mental health but does not sound like a good time to return

  • Comment on: Trust brings in yellow badges to help patients identify staff

    david lowry's comment 22 August, 2014 5:22 pm

    We have just brought in something similar but used the idea of different colours and scrubs - All RN's have blue scrubs, RT, SLP OT and PT wear grey etc- Techs wear grey and pink you get the idea

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