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Issue : December 2012

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  • nurse hospital elderly woman patient care

    Work environment affects hospital readmission rates Subscription

    News31 December, 2012

    The provision of a good working environment for nursing staff reduces the risk of patients needing to go back to hospital by up to 10%, nurse academics have found.

  • police_line.jpeg

    CRB check changes to help nursesSubscription

    News28 December, 2012

    Criminal records checks will be able to be used again and again, making it easier for agency nurses to work in different organisations.

  • Jeremy Hunt

    Dementia crisis looming, warns HuntSubscription

    News27 December, 2012

    Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned that Britain is facing a crisis if more is not done to combat dementia.

  • nurse_smoking__smoking.JPG

    Just a single cigarette a day linked to sudden death

    NHS Choices19 December, 2012

    Light smoking ‘doubles sudden heart death risk in women’, BBC News reports. It says women who are light smokers – including those who smoke just one cigarette a day – double their chance of sudden death.

  • Coffee_cup.jpg

    Four cups of coffee a day 'halves' mouth cancer risk

    NHS Choices18 December, 2012

    “Drinking coffee halves the risk of mouth cancer – even in smokers and drinkers,” claims the Daily Mail.

  • Generic  facebook screen

    Pregnant women 'over share' clinical info on webSubscription

    News17 December, 2012

    Mothers-to-be may be divulging too much pregnancy information on social media, a survey suggests.

  • DNA

    Mutation in gene could fight cancerSubscription

    News17 December, 2012

    A mutation in a certain gene linked to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer could help with prevention measures, research has found.

  • surgery__3_.jpg

    Audit raises bowel cancer concernsSubscription

    News17 December, 2012

    Many bowel cancer patients do not get the right medical help until it is too late, figures show.

  • Jacintha Saldanha

    Memorial fund set up for hoax call nurseSubscription

    News17 December, 2012

    A memorial fund has been set up for the nurse who apparently took her own life after being duped by a hoax call which led to clinical details being revealed about the Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Computer_PC_mouse_keyboard.jpeg

    Warning over increase in online purchase of drugsSubscription

    News17 December, 2012

    The purchase of prescription medicines online without a prescription is on the increase, pharmacists have warned.


    NHS staff may be asked to provide seven-day service in futureSubscription

    News17 December, 2012

    A new group will look at the barriers that prevent the NHS from functioning as a seven-day service, offering procedures such as day surgery at weekends.

  • support_olderwoman

    Winterbourne View failures lead to care system review

    NHS Choices17 December, 2012

    “Fine and ban care home abuse bosses,” the Daily Mirror demands, while the Daily Mail says that “there must be a complete culture change in treatment” for care centres.

  • diabetes_insulin_test_blood_sugar_long_term.jpg

    Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 48%

    NHS Choices16 December, 2012

    “People with diabetes 48% more likely to suffer heart attack, researchers find”, says The Guardian. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that people with diabetes are “65% more likely to have heart failure than the rest of the population”.

  • depression__headaches.JPG

    If 'drugs don’t work' for depression, CBT may

    NHS Choices15 December, 2012

    “Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can reduce symptoms of depression in people who fail to respond to drug treatment“ BBC News has reported.

  • maternity newborn baby child3

    Sugar may ‘comfort babies during injections’Subscription

    News14 December, 2012

    The sweet taste of sugar may provide some comfort for babies during immunisations, according to a Cochrane review.

  • Generic  drugs

    New drug approved for use against C diff in WalesSubscription

    News14 December, 2012

    A new antibiotic treatment for Clostridium difficile has been accepted for restricted use by the NHS in Wales.

  • Empty board room table

    North Yorks PCT chief nurse joins new commissioning body Subscription

    News14 December, 2012

    Julie Bolus, NHS North Yorkshire and York chief nurse, has been appointed director of nursing for the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire local area team of the NHS Commissioning Board.

  • Clifton bridge Bristol

    CQC finds staffing now safe on Bristol children's heart wardSubscription

    News14 December, 2012

    The Care Quality Commission is satisfied University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust has addressed concerns about staffing levels on a ward for children recovering from heart surgery, a report by the trust claims.

  • Breast_cancer__breast__lady.JPG

    Ten years of tamoxifen ups cancer survival rates

    NHS Choices14 December, 2012

    ‘Breast cancer deaths halved if patients given “wonder drug” tamoxifen for 10 years, not five,’ reports the Daily Mail.

  • Austin Thomas

    Nurse recognised for commitment to disabled athletesSubscription

    News13 December, 2012

    The British Paralympic Association’s chief nurse has been given an honorary doctorate in recognition for helping disabled athletes for 40 years.

  • norovirus_.jpg

    Norovirus outbreak 2012

    NHS Choices13 December, 2012

    Many newspapers are reporting on the Health Protection Agency’s latest figures on the ongoing outbreak of norovirus – the so-called winter vomiting disease. The data suggest that cases of the virus, which are usually highest after Christmas, are high for this time of year.

  • premature__baby__incubator.jpg

    Premature birth survival rates on the rise

    NHS Choices12 December, 2012

    ‘Premature babies study shows survival rates on rise’ is the headline in The Guardian, which is one of many sources reporting the news that survival rates for babies born between 22 and 25 weeks have risen overall since 1995.

  • 182_child.jpg

    Asperger's not in DSM-5 mental health manual

    NHS Choices11 December, 2012

    ‘Asperger’s syndrome dropped from psychiatrists’ handbook’, is the headline in The Guardian.

  • Nursing bodies condemn prank call

    Nursing bodies condemn prank callSubscription

    News10 December, 2012

    Heathcare organisations have expressed concern at the hoax call that duped nurses into helping reveal details about the Duchess of Cambridge’s condition.

  • emergency ambulance

    'Worryingly high' hospital death rates reported

    NHS Choices10 December, 2012

    NHS hospitals in England are “full to bursting”, says The Daily Telegraph, while The Guardian highlights concerns over “worryingly high” death rates in some hospitals.

  • paediatrician_child.JPG

    Whooping cough vaccine for pregnant women

    NHS Choices9 December, 2012

    “Whooping cough cases are higher than at any point in the last twenty years and 13 babies have died from the disease, official figures have revealed” The Daily Telegraph reports.

  • generic  HIV and AIDS

    HIV rates in gay men at record high

    NHS Choices8 December, 2012

    “The number of gay and bisexual men being diagnosed with HIV in the UK reached an “all-time high” in 2011” BBC News reports, while the Daily Mail warns “A record 100,000 people in the UK with the HIV virus, but a quarter ‘do not even know they are infected’”.

  • Tool to predict babies likely to become obese

    NHS Choices7 December, 2012

    “Parents can learn whether their newborn is at risk of becoming fat using a simple online calculator,” The Daily Telegraph has reported.

  • Sugar substitute 'sparking global diabetes epidemic'

    NHS Choices6 December, 2012

    “Syrup found in biscuits, ice cream and energy drinks fuelling diabetes on a ‘global scale’,” reports the Daily Mail, highlighting that countries that use large amounts of fructose corn syrup have diabetes rates “20% higher” than countries where it is less common.

  • holding_hands

    What is the Liverpool Care Pathway?

    NHS Choices5 December, 2012

    An independent review of the controversial palliative care practice known as the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) has been announced, many newspapers report.

  • pills

    Prescription drugs and grapefruit a 'deadly mix'

    NHS Choices4 December, 2012

    “A breakfast of grapefruit and marmalade on toast could be lethal for people taking medication” is the headline in the Daily Mail.

  • Money

    Second wave of NHS pension contribution increases unveiledSubscription

    News3 December, 2012

    The government has published details of the pension contribution increases that nurses and other NHS staff face next year.

  • generic  dementia alzheimers

    Psoriasis drug could hold key to dementia treatment

    NHS Choices3 December, 2012

    BBC News reports that, “drugs used to calm inflammation in psoriasis may also help to combat the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, a study on mice suggests.”

  • smoking__cessation__ban__sign__quit.jpg

    Smoking 'rots brain’ causing mental decline

    NHS Choices2 December, 2012

    Smoking “rots the brain” the BBC reported today, while the Daily Mail said ‘smoking doesn’t just age your lungs, it damages your brain too’.

  • angry_stern_strict_woman_manager.jpg

    Charity report shows examples of bad NHS care

    NHS Choices1 December, 2012

    “‘Shocking’ treatment in NHS hospitals and care homes exposed in report,” The Guardian reports, while the Daily Mail says that a “Damning report reveals failings in NHS care of patients ‘treated worse than animals’.”

  • flu_treatment_vaccine.JPG

    Claims flu jab is a 'waste of money' misleading

    NHS Choices30 November, 2012

    As flu season approaches, claims that the flu vaccine is a ‘waste of money’ are being widely reported. The Daily Telegraph declares that ‘flu vaccine effectiveness [is] exaggerated,’ while the Daily Mail claims that ‘flu jabs are a ‘waste’ of taxpayer’s money.’

  • Louise Poley

    RCN Wales unveils its first 'nurse of the year'Subscription

    News29 November, 2012

    A consultant nurse for substance misuse has been named Welsh “nurse of the year” by the Royal College of Nursing.

  • Funding pressure 'may hit NHS care'

    Funding pressure 'may hit NHS care'Subscription

    News29 November, 2012

    Waiting times in emergency wards are rising as unprecedented financial strains on the health service start to bite, a report suggests.

  • Record numbers living with HIV

    Record numbers living with HIVSubscription

    News29 November, 2012

    A record number of people in the UK are living with HIV, with the number of people with the virus reaching nearly 100,000, new figures show.

  • Dan Poulter

    Minister calls regional pay cartel 'heavy handed'Subscription

    News29 November, 2012

    Health minister Dan Poulter has signaled a shift in the government’s stance on the controversial South West Consortium during a debate in the Commons.

  • Child's chance of obesity predicted

    Child's chance of obesity predictedSubscription

    News29 November, 2012

    Parents are being offered a way to predict the chances of their newborn baby becoming obese.

  • Statins and exercise regime backed

    Statins and exercise regime backedSubscription

    News29 November, 2012

    Cholesterol-lowering drugs and exercise are a winning combination for treating high cholesterol, research has shown.

  • Yawning while in the womb may offer insight into baby’s health

    NHS Choices28 November, 2012

    Yawning in the womb could be used as a “baby health indicator”, The Guardian reported today. It said ultrasound scans that catch unborn babies ‘yawning’ may help doctors monitor normal development.

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