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Desiree Deighton

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  • Comment on: No bursary, no problem? 
The challenges and changes that face us

    Desiree Deighton's comment 13 October, 2017 12:38 pm

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for engaging with the article. Just to explain, I purposely avoided commenting on the wider social and political issues regarding nursing, as I completely agree that it is a diabolical situation but I am limited to 600 words and the subject is huge. I completely agree we should be funded and we should be completely supported and respected. I also feel it's key that we attend rallies and make sure our voices are heard for these changes, as I do as often as I can.

    In terms of vocation, that is something I believe shines through when you work with nurses, or anyone who is truly passionate for helping others. In no way do I feel this should enable those to take advantage of our kindness, and I am personally close to very good people who have become burnt out by current affairs to do with nursing, so I am not unaware.

    However, the theme for the article was for a brief discussion from the perspectives of what students nurses may have seen or may now see, in terms of changes and challenges in practice and university. It was not based upon my own wider, political views. I wanted to briefly explain/discuss what is happening for first year students new to reading SNT, reassure student nurses of their role, whilst also welcoming the new faces of nursing associates as highly valuable members of the team.

    I wanted to press the importance of being united. As you said, we are more powerful as one voice.

    Thank you for reading :)