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  • Should nurses tell management about inaccurate ward statistics?Subscription

    20 January, 2009Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A nurse is aware that the ward statistics are not being correctly reported to the management. She knows that this is because the ward would benefit financially from the inaccuracies. Should she take any action and if so what?

  • How can I work in an effective way so my skills are enhanced?Subscription

    2 December, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    It appears to me that a number of specialist nurses are visiting the ward these days and, as a result, the care I am left to carry out is at a very basic level. How can I work with these nurses in a more effective way so that my skills are enhanced?

  • Flexible hours for carersSubscription

    27 October, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A nurse who also cares for a relative with disabilities asks for some time off because the relative’s primary carer is going on holiday. The NHS trust employing her says it would not be convenient at that time. What are her legal rights, if any?

  • Validity of advance decisionsSubscription

    21 October, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A Buddhist has made it clear that in the event of his being unable to make his own decisions he does not wish to have pain relief. He is admitted in the terminal stages of cancer and clearly in pain. Nurses want to give him analgesia but his relatives are refusing.

  • MRSA compensation?Subscription

    7 October, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A patient complains that, as a result of contracting MRSA infection following routine surgery for a hernia operation, she has lost out on a lucrative contract for her work as a trainer in a health club. What are the legal consequences?

  • Refusing treatmentSubscription

    26 August, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A 17-year-old is on ineffective dialysis and refuses other treatment. His family supports the decision but it could be life threatening. Can consent be withheld?

  • Organ donationSubscription

    18 August, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    Following an accident a patient is on ventilation and is not expected to survive. He is carrying a donor card. However, his relatives have stated that they want to overrule the wishes expressed on the card.

  • Should I leave the ward?Subscription

    30 July, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I am a good staff nurse on a busy surgical ward but I think some community experience would help me better understand what happens to my patients upon discharge.

  • The hostile relatives dilemmaSubscription

    30 July, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I feel I am doing a really good job on my ward, and my manager has told me so. However, I am told that I do not handle hostile relatives very well. What can I do to deal with these situations more effectively?

  • Teenage terminationSubscription

    18 July, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    A girl of 14 has a termination but does not want her parents to be told. Before staff are happy to discharge her she asks to leave the hospital as her parents are expecting her home. Can the hospital call her parents?