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52 Years in nursing

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  • Comment on: Lack of post-Brexit immigration plan causing EU nurses ‘anxiety’

    Doremouse's comment 14 February, 2018 4:21 pm

    All we get is fear mongering. Many of us remember pre EEC (pre-EU) and know we will be a better country out of EU. If EU nurses want to stay, that's fine If they don't, that's also fine. Personally Im sick of all there fear mongering. If we leave the EU dictatorship, this will happen or that will happen

  • Comment on: Nurses urged to lobby trusts for new child protection system

    Doremouse's comment 21 November, 2017 6:15 pm

    The main thing about child protection is;
    If you dont ask the 'right' questions you will not get the answer needed to protect a child.
    "Did that person touch you"
    "On my arm"
    Chang that to
    "Did that person touch you on a private area of your body or anywhere that made you feel uncomfortable"
    You will get nearer the answers needed to protect the child

  • Comment on: Weight Watchers referrals can help ‘avoid type 2 diabetes’

    Doremouse's comment 17 October, 2017 6:50 pm

    I was referred to a pre diabetic clinic where they tend to follow the Weight Watchers diet for typr 2 diabetes.
    Since starting I lost very little weight on 1200 calories. 3 weeks ago discovered the KETO diet (very restricted carbohydrates) and listened to various MDs, Drs & nutritionalists especially on You Tube and it all makes sense. In the first 3 weeks with the keto diet with fasting, I have lost 2.5 Kg. I have never lost as much as that on any diet in 30 years.
    pparently Newcastle Uni are researching this diet.
    I have 3.5 stone to lose & know I can reach my goal with Keto

  • Comment on: A&E patients positive about nursing care, despite pressures

    Doremouse's comment 17 October, 2017 6:42 pm

    The care in A&E is usually very good, however its when the patient arrives on the wards that standards fall

  • Comment on: Brexit ‘worst case scenario’ could deepen nursing shortage

    Doremouse's comment 16 October, 2017 6:27 pm

    All warning of what will happen. We got that daily pre referendum & after the UK is in a good position.
    In the 27 remaining EU countries there are 1.2 million Brits
    In the UK there are 3.2 million EU citizens from 27 EU countries
    We managed very well before we were tricked into the COMMON MARKET and we will do very well after March 2019 when we will make the decisions regarding our country again

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