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ellen dacey

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  • Comment on: Birmingham nurses raising funds for A&E refurbishment

    ellen dacey's comment 8 May, 2017 6:32 pm


  • Comment on: Virgin to offer foundation degree to healthcare workers

    ellen dacey's comment 4 March, 2017 0:19 am

    has anyone asked for the NMC opinion on this ?

    when the health care workers have graduated they will revalidate (if their time comes) and register with the NMC ...

  • Comment on: New Welsh link nurse programme on infection prevention

    ellen dacey's comment 16 January, 2017 6:57 pm

    Infection prevention campaign starts in North Wales

    4 October 2016 Steve Ford

    New all-in-one kits are being used by staff at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to help fight infection.

    Welsh countryside

    Community wards closed by norovirus in North Wales

    1 December 2016 Steve Ford

    Public health officials have warned that norovirus is known to be circulating in the community in North Wales, with a number of hospitals


  • Comment on: NHS pay circular sets out nurse salary increases

    ellen dacey's comment 3 January, 2017 6:16 pm

    just look at the increase ... compare band 5 nurses with band 8 management !!!! what a joke

  • Comment on: Around 5% of nurses and midwives opting not to revalidate

    ellen dacey's comment 12 December, 2016 6:35 pm

    I thought I submitted my comments ... so here goes. in may 2011 newly qualified nurse (SD) of 7 weeks submitted a formal complaint against me (refused sight of) in june 2011 I was told of the alleged complaint by nurse manager (KB) and we all went to the hospital canteen for an informal chat over a cuppa (no cake) ... SD was intimidated (her words) by me 'cos I didn't say 'good morning' to her, didn't talk about myself or family which she found upsetting as its nice as women to discuss our families (yes newly qualified paeds degree nurse omg ....) - end of this saga and I never saw the complaint, KB told me its resolved ellen, absolutely resolved - AMEN.

    april 2012 - I was informally told (alone with 2 managers end of the day) SD instigated serious complaints under the D@W policy I was to removed from me job (10yrs) to another post and investigated, she submitted (alongside the dept bully JK SEN who use to masquerade as a RGN lol) unsigned pieces of paper aka allegations.... 3.5 months into the invest I received an email listing the allegations from the IO (former work colleague of manager who called the informal meeting in april '12) - received the IO report (not signed by receiving officer who is a professor!) OMG I READ SD'S LETTER FROM MAY 2011 WHICH ALLUDES TO CHILD ABUSE AND POTIENTIAL DEATH OF UNCONSCIOUS PTS... I contacted the NMC - they did a FtP on SD (I don't know why) but the contents of the letter was not investigated by the useless, not fit for purpose and should be closed down NMC....
    my health board DID NOTHING .....

    Out come of invest = disciplinary april 2014 (2 month break to trawl for dirt) and finally on 8.8.14 I was summarily dismissed on SD's allegations (ps 3.5 taken from notes written by others placed on my personal file and now 1 yrs old).... spoke to NMC due to not being referred to NMC who stated my HB didn't want to open up a can of worms !!!!

    (nearly there) .... off to ET where SD says on looking at the allegations c/o IO email 'these are not my allegations, my complaints are my letters (unsigned), I am not the complainant and i don't know why you (me) got dismissed - OMG anyway my dismissal was substantively unfair -- oh happy days, but it alleged that I contributed !!!!

    never told of any 'allegations, issues, complaints' when employed.
    unaware of the allegations until 5 months on sick leave.
    one yr old when I got them.
    SD admitted they not hers etc...
    ALL witnesses (x6) stated at dis hearing they not told/they unaware of the allegations, this included my nurse manager, but she discussed the allegations with SD and JK (work that one out).
    I was not in work on one of the allegations so the IO changed the date without my knowledge (corrupt and not trained oh yes, she was also a former work colleague of chair of my dis hearing - are you lying down in a dark room now).

    so ..... I am now retired due to not working since april 2012 - dismissal Aug 2014 (not suspended dir. manager said no basis to suspend me) but I was pd my full salary for the 2.4yrs. and unable to REVALIDATE.. I didn't fit the EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES - if anyone knows what this means drop me a line on

    ps... I formally complained about the conduct and behaviour of my abusive nurse manager (KB) in Sept 2011.
    I heard at a formal meeting in may 2011 (lets not say but u can guess) "she ain't coming back, she ain't back to ** (my dept)" and "we only got a few wks to get her (me) to agree to being moved"....

    30 yrs of nursing - I now work in a call centre and its wonderful, I love it, the staff are great.

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