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  • Comment on: Nursing Times campaign: protect nurses who speak out

    Florence's comment 6 March, 2013 6:12 am

    I believe that part of the problem that leads to bullying and a culture of fear in speaking out is poor management and leadership.
    The NHS does not invest in newly promoted staff in management / Leadership roles.
    If Leaders and Managers are strong, focused and have the skills to deal with problems then staff are more effective.And our Patients recieve better care Its not rocket science ?
    And even when a particular issue is outwith their control at least an effective Manager will escalate the concern.
    Im not saying this as a cop-out for ALL staff not to speak up and challenge poor practice/ report concerns.
    You do have to be twice as strong and focused when you know that your Manager does not have the skill to support you or at least try to affect change/ listen to you or even escalate a concern when you raise a concern.
    Bullying can be ferocious or subtle.
    When I raised an issue about Medical cover. I was told that our unit couldnot be seen to be failing. And in my Managers words '' I'd hate to see anyone lose their if they are percieved to be not coping / whinging''.
    I have the evidence for my concern.And thankfully I have Senior Nurse support Thankfully there is strength in numbers in my unit. We have another meeting with the Manager on Monday.
    While I do feel sorry for her up to a point, I realise she is actually being bullied in a very subtle way by her Nurse Manager and Consultant.
    Yes its true its a culture of fear.

  • Comment on: Nursing Times campaign: protect nurses who speak out

    Florence's comment 6 March, 2013 5:50 am

    Steve Cartmell.
    Please accept my condolences to you on the loss of your wife.
    Please complain to the hospital concerned . What happened to your Wife was absolutley unacceptable.

  • Comment on: NHS could lose 12,000 nurses by 2015, claims Labour

    Florence's comment 6 March, 2013 5:42 am

    Ive signed the 38 Degrees petitions recently. And am sending invites to family, friends and colleagues to do likewise.
    Our local MP is a Tory . He is very supportive of our local NHS services and does not support current government policy on health amongst many other things !

  • Comment on: Minister claims nurse staffing ratios 'not the answer'

    Florence's comment 28 February, 2013 10:49 pm

    Well of course they won't support minimum staffing levels. Thats because they would be obliged to stick to them if it became law.
    it would also prevent them from making front line cuts and really make them accountable if the minimun levels were not met.
    Dr Dan along with Jane Cummings is just another of David Camerons puppets.

  • Comment on: Changing the culture of the health service

    Florence's comment 20 February, 2013 1:59 pm

    Thats exactly whats needed a moderator with the power to close a service which has been deemed unsafe.
    The management should be given a minimum period of time to rectiy the situation if this is feasible in the context of the situation.
    However for services which have a continued record of stuggling. Then closing beds or services is the safest thing to do.
    Money to safely and appropriatley staff these areas would soon be forthcoming if beds had to close!

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