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gayle dent

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Accept Agenda for Change pay increment freeze to keep your job, nurses told

    gayle dent's comment 4 October, 2010 1:30 pm

    3rd oct 7:43am
    These are clearly words of a politician.
    morale is low, pay is low, pensions are devestated and now incrementals are on the way out, did i mention no payrise for at least the next three years?
    where is the postive sides of this?
    I nurses keep accepting all the rubbish being thrown to us it will just serve us for the worse.
    we are already effectively taking a paycut. I am newly qualified and was excited at the prospect of being able to progress with reward for my efforts and hard work. now I am full of apathy. I love my job, but it demoralising to have to let the govenment walk all over us. i just think that in a few years when there are very few nurses becuase people will not want to come into the profession. I am now thinking maybe another career might be wise to think about.
    I do think I am lucky to have a job, but no payrise, what?????? I heard about a manager who came into a trust and was paid a thousand pound a day to tell the trust they needed to save money. three weeks of work and that is a nurses salary for a year, a nurse who could have also said pretty much the same thing as this manager. How bad is that?

  • Comment on: Nick Clegg asks staff for ideas on NHS cuts

    gayle dent's comment 28 June, 2010 11:47 am

    I think to charge people for meals in hospital would epitamise what we do as nurses. food is a nutrient and patients are not going to recover without nutrients. not really a good idea. i think the fact that we are being asked what we can to save may just give them fresh ideas from the people who have to work in such conditions.

    I agree about the paid over time but paying less tax on having two jobs does seem a good idea too. lets hope one of the nurses who spoke to nick clegg came up with such an idea.

    We are our own worst enemies in terms of being taken for a ride by the government, but isn't that why we pay for our unions? they are not exactly speaking up at this time are they?

    I agree that unused medication and unused dressings should be put back into the system. was it cheaper when the nurses had all of the stock and not the patient?