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George Kuchanny

George Kuchanny


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  • Comment on: Hospital trusts are 'fiddling' patient mortality data, claims report

    George Kuchanny's comment 31 March, 2014 6:08 pm

    When we get to 'palliative care' we find that it is too often a euphemism for 'sedate to death'. These are two very different things. Check out what the Belgians mean by 'palliative care' quite remarkable.

  • Comment on: Care home matron who 'took sex toy to work' was 'brilliant nurse'

    George Kuchanny's comment 31 March, 2014 6:01 pm

    No problem tinkerbell. After looking at Lord Falconer's effort on Pulse I think my marbles have gone as well. Weasel words from a well bred milksop (unelected) who probably has no idea how his unwanted and unnecessary legislation desires will be misused. Bonkers is kind to I will leave it at that.

    On the headline story here I hope the NMC have by now shredded the complaint stuffed it in an envelope and returned it to the complainant! First class post naturally.

  • Comment on: NICE calls for ban on smoking in hospitals

    George Kuchanny's comment 31 March, 2014 5:56 pm

    Hi Nick,
    Yep. I have forgotten the joke but it was removed a while ago. Must have been a bad joke indeed!

  • Comment on: Care home matron who 'took sex toy to work' was 'brilliant nurse'

    George Kuchanny's comment 22 March, 2014 5:01 am

    Apologies. Errata in last comment - 'futile care like food' should read ' purportedly 'futile' care like food.

    Red mist descending after reading what the Belgians are up to before logging on here is to blame. Gone bananas over there apparently, just extended their euthanasia brief to include children, the depressed and anyone they dislike. You can now interpret their law to include just about anyone. Mayhem. Nurses euthanising each other after a squabble next...

    Good opportunity exists here for the Chancellor. Open a few old fogey homes for the Dutch who are fleeing their own country in abject terror.

    Advert may read "Come to Bayview UK - only £400 a week" followed by a nice byline on how you will be greeted with a cheery "How's it hanging today Inspector Van Der Valk? Solved that 1954 case that was bothering you, you shrivelled old thing?Fancy a mackerel?"

  • Comment on: Link found between high salt consumption and ageing

    George Kuchanny's comment 22 March, 2014 4:50 am

    "Ahar Jim lad!" bellowed the wrinkly old sea dog. "More salt on them chips please" he added.

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