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glyn goodchild

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  • Comment on: Nurses recognised in honours list

    glyn goodchild's comment 9 January, 2013 3:32 pm

    I agree with Anonynous 9;jan well put and concise. My family has put over 200 years of clinical practice into the NHS. No mention anywher, not even a thank you. I recently attended a Hospital to try to get some medication for an ill Patient and recieved a parking ticket for doing my duty. Thats how unfair it is.

  • Comment on: All new nurses could face checks on compassion and values

    glyn goodchild's comment 11 September, 2012 10:54 am

    Another dose of salts. I have been a NHS worker for 51 years. 46 years as a qualified staff.
    The NHS condones the idea of calling its staff Human resources.
    It changes the Minister of Health as much as a District Nurse changes a Patients bandages.
    It constantly renews itself without permission from anyone in particular least of all its users.
    It is now condoning not paying staff who are off work sick, for the first three days. (remember this is the NHS. punishing its Human resources for actually being ill.
    It is led by Corporate, (failed) administrators who know absolutely nothing
    about the roles of the staff that they mismanage.
    The NHS as a so called exemplar employer, has no real compassion itself, so it does not display any of those qualities that it expects from its workforce.
    If the NHS were a year, it would start on the first of January, and would stop, and start again, on the 20th of the same month, with nothing to show, apart from a new, but useless, computer programme.
    The complaints about new staff are fair, and they should be aware that they are supposed to become compassionate, however this has to be taught by People and organisations that are compassionate in the first place.
    Most of the Professors and their teaching staff have proved themselves to be poor practitioners in the first place. And many Trained staff (including myself) need to constantly challenge our practice.
    Compassion, can only be learned from others who have these skills, and can only exist in a compassionate environment.

  • Comment on: New course set up to create 'elite' nurses who start out as sisters

    glyn goodchild's comment 5 June, 2012 11:44 am

    Just for the record. Can we see if this idea has been risk assessed. Most changes would be nowadays wouldnt they? can the risk assessment be published please. When it is we can read it and make an informed decision.
    If it has not been risk assesed why not?

  • Comment on: NHS reforms spark loss of senior nurses who oversee quality and safety

    glyn goodchild's comment 5 June, 2012 10:25 am

    One of the great problems in the NHS, (and this problem has existed since administrators were given the role of Chief Executives), is that Managers who grew in this way could only work in a way which was top downwards, they therefore got paid for doing the bidding of the Government. Nurses and Doctors who could think for themselves were laid to one side as they might understand the failings of the system.
    Someone once said that if Florence Nightingale were alive today she would be walking the corridors of the NHS, and she would be demanding to know who is in charge.
    The answer, of course, would be that she would be in charge.

  • Comment on: "Can kindness and compassion really be measured?"

    glyn goodchild's comment 9 May, 2012 8:39 pm

    I strongly believe that Nursing is an art. Measuring compassion, could only be suggested by someone who is lacking in compassion.
    Measuring the art of compassion would be like comparing Picasso to Van Gogh by counting how many paintings that they each created.

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