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  • Comment on: 'The BBC Panorama programme awakened memories for me'

    halfanurse1987's comment 30 June, 2011 4:29 pm

    Linda McLean | 21-Jun-2011 11:52 am

    The poster was talking about your rose tinted days. We dont have blue belts anymore. And if I suggested to my mentor that patients dont get dirty in bed so I only washed their hands and face I would get a deserved rollicking.

    As for competition, are we not there to look after patients? Not to try and prove yourself as better than your collegue?

    Most mentors I have had which include a juniour sister have loved taking the time to teach and listen to any research I have found on my own. There are still a few out there (and they tend to be of the old guard) that think students are there as spare hands and do not like actually teaching on the ward.

  • Comment on: Why are nurses failing to undertake digital rectal examinations?

    halfanurse1987's comment 30 June, 2011 3:58 pm

    As for students looking repulsed at DRE I would wonder what they are like with inserting sups or enemas? Or simply cleaning a soiled patient. It would smack of immaturity to me. I have been in with drs as a chaperone quite a few times for this procedure.

    I would also like to make it clear that in the event I was actually cleared to perform this procedure in my trust, I would willingly do it. Patients are often admitted with consitpation and impaction and I have seen the amount of pain, distress and "challenging behaviour" it can cause. It is not something I take lightly.

    As an aside, hearsay on my part has also told me of carehomes over using enemas on patients who dont require them - simply to make "toileting" of residents easier. Cases like this can make people scared of bowel care and potential acusations of abuse.

  • Comment on: Why are nurses failing to undertake digital rectal examinations?

    halfanurse1987's comment 30 June, 2011 3:52 pm

    In my trust I have found that the nursing staff are very quick to have have medical staff perform DRE and have a bowel regime written up if required. The doctors tend to be very good at listening to nurses concerns about a patients bowel function.

    Usually observation and questioning of the patient is enough to estabolish if the person is constipated/impacted. So far I have not seen anyone suffering a lack of nurse led DRE. But then again I may be in a very good area where junior docs are quick to act on such things.

  • Comment on: Nurses who wash uniforms at home may put patients at risk

    halfanurse1987's comment 29 June, 2011 4:54 pm

    My trust has a centralised laundry. If you send your uniform to them for washing you are lucky to get it back within 6 weeks! And even then you are lucky if it finds itself back to the correct hospital. I have also seen the mess made of scrubs - melted bits or huge holes.

    For those reasons I will continue to wash my uniform at home.

    However I cant help like the idea of having us all just wear scrubs which are delivered with the linen every morning just like in theatres. Or even have them do the same with the uniforms. After all - staff in scotland are supposed to have a national uniform. So they could just send us fresh uniforms in a variety of sizes every morning.

  • Comment on: Why do we wear face masks in theatre?

    halfanurse1987's comment 29 June, 2011 4:49 pm

    Anonymous | 27-Jun-2011 6:27 pm you say yourself that the masks have been shown to be ineffective after 3 mins. So basically useless for any procedure that lasts longer than this. And that they are essentially useless for those 3 mins anyway as nurses and doctors dont wear them properly.

    So why do you sound so resistant to the idea that we should either do away with them or develop ones which work better? You basically say that you know they dont work but you are happy to be a slave to ritual.

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