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Hazel Davies

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Comments (4)

  • Comment on: Antibiotics not always the answer for urinary tract infections

    Hazel Davies's comment 12 January, 2016 9:18 pm

    I have felt incredibly ill with UTI's and dread to think what damage would have been done, as it was spreading to my kidneys each time, if I hadn't had antibiotics which relieved my symptoms within days. I tested my own urine in work and had massive haematuria and leucocytes. I could barely function I felt so bad, and had to take days off work. I delayed going to the GP thinking it would clear up with lots of fluids but it just got worse, so I won't hesitate next time.

  • Comment on: Call to cut women's exposure to cancer-risk chemical

    Hazel Davies's comment 15 May, 2013 12:44 pm

    This is good news, too long have we been forced to endure exposure to such chemicals yet being assured they are safe, when common sense should say otherwise. This needs to go forward and be supported. How many of us are suffering from and dying of cancer because it's cheaper to ignore the warning signs of tests and evidence to the contrary? If we know something is carcinogenic even in small yet unknown quantities alternatives should be found wherever possible. We are exposed to a cocktail of harmful substances no wonder cancer is problem in the Western world!

  • Comment on: Antimicrobial microneedles developed

    Hazel Davies's comment 26 May, 2010 11:49 pm

    Is this for patients who are not using cleansing wipes eg alcohol swabs? The article could do with more explanation please. I thought I read somewhere of studies suggesting wipes were not necessary or caused scarring to skin if used after the injection. Maybe someone knows more?

  • Comment on: Two thirds of NHS staff feel pressure to go to work despite illnesss

    Hazel Davies's comment 25 March, 2010 3:16 pm

    In all areas of the NHS people struggle into work feeling ill. It shouldn't happen. This means that if you have a virus you are putting patient's health and lives at risk; you are spreading your infection to other colleagues who then end up struggling to work so there is a cascade of illness; and you take longer to get better because you aren't getting the rest that the battling immune system demands. The introduction of the Bradford score is a farce too. You can have the same number of days off as your colleague but because you took more shorter periods of time by struggling in to work but another has had fewer longer periods off then you are carted off to occy health and reprimanded. Many times I've also had to work with migraine dosed up to my eyeballs barely functioning feeling sick and with difficulty doing anything even reading - is that safe?!!