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  • Comment on: New English test ‘improving’ overseas nurse access to UK register

    HCSW's comment 19 September, 2018 10:22 pm

    Ad1) There is an NMC requirement for all foreign nurses to achieve overall band 7 in IELTS, because IT DOES guarantee, that the nurse will be able to speak, write, listen and understand English language on the level required to practice safely in the UK. This requirement has already been lowered - you can present the two certificates to show, that you are able to achieve four "7"s Any further tweaking the requirements is dangerous. IELTS grading is exponential - e.g. I would have to be severely drunk to achieve an overall 5, as really - overall '5' is easy peasy.

    Ad2) The IELTS exam is very appropriate and accurate measurement of your language proficiency. Especially for foreigners. (Bear in mind, only 1% of the native speakers score overall 9 in all four modules)

    Ad3) I sat four IELTS exams over the last 10 years. Last score: 8.0, previous 7.5 with no component below 7; and the two first attempts years ago: 7.5 with one component below 7.0

    Ad4) I am confident, that my Uni cohort would achieve 7.0 with ease. That includes foreigners (as we had to pass IELTS to secure our place at the Uni!)

    Ad5) and so is IELTS: L, R, W, S - all four modules are present.

    Ad6) All candidates to the NMC register, whose first native language was not English. Candidates from Australia, Canada and the USA would pass IELTS with ease, the only discomfort to them is the exam fee.

  • Comment on: New English test ‘improving’ overseas nurse access to UK register

    HCSW's comment 10 September, 2018 7:05 pm

    This is dangerous. You might be a very skilled nurse from abroad, but if you cannot communicate at IELTS level 7, then you should never be registered. Yes, IELTS exam is difficult, but if you prepare yourself - you will achieve 7 (especially, now you can present it on two separate certificates)

  • Comment on: ‘It’s time to stop treating older people like toddlers’

    HCSW's comment 13 August, 2018 6:43 pm

    Typical 20-bed rehab unit: patients are always given a choice whether to use the beaker or a cup. Majority always chooses beakers. I think the entire campaign is just a completely unnecessary issue - just take the bloody lid off and you will have a normal or a mandrel cup!

  • Comment on: NHS nurse pay set to rise by 6.5% over three years under new deal

    HCSW's comment 22 March, 2018 9:40 pm

    I am really happy with that arrangement.

  • Comment on: NMC chief’s pay brought into ‘alignment’ with similar roles

    HCSW's comment 21 July, 2017 0:10 am

    It is so shocking and depressing news.. OK

    We have a joke in Central Europe, let me share it with you:

    Rogue German unit has caught the three partisans: Russian, Pole and Belarusian. Germans decided to hang the trio immediately:
    Russian shouted "Nu Gospodin.." and died instantly,
    Pole shouted "Freedom" and kept fighting for a while
    Belarusian...while already hanging started to complain to himself that the rope is a bit tight and uncomfortable, but ...he can adjust and survive...

    Sadly, nurses are so divided, that nothing, absolutely nothing will ever change. What you can do is to adjust, survive and enjoy knowing that some of you got the decent pay rise. Because your opinion on that issue doesn't matter at all.

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