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Iama Cynic

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  • Comment on: Consultation on scrapping student bursaries underway

    Iama Cynic's comment 9 April, 2016 0:21 am

    Sorry about the spelling errors above.
    I just loathe the predictive text on computors!

  • Comment on: Consultation on scrapping student bursaries underway

    Iama Cynic's comment 9 April, 2016 0:19 am

    Sorry about the spelling errors above.
    I hate predictive text!

  • Comment on: Consultation on scrapping student bursaries underway

    Iama Cynic's comment 9 April, 2016 0:16 am

    Don't forget, what the prime minister says, " we're all in it together". So what happened to you 11% pay rise this year?
    Had yo invested wisely, you too could have invested it all in an off shore trust'', just as His father did, then, you could have used your profits to pay for your own nursing degree.
    Why should the government spend our tax income on you rather than syphoning it off to 'aide' foreign countries abroad, or simply waste on ptoting them staying in the EU?
    Your unions don't seem to have any 'Umph' any more to fight your 'lost'.
    You'd have less stress filling in a supermarket, and, be more appreciated, probably?

  • Comment on: Care deteriorating as projected NHS deficit reaches £2.3bn

    Iama Cynic's comment 20 February, 2016 1:36 pm

    Doesn't anyone out there grasp it?

    No-one cannot predict how just many people will need the services of the NHS, or specify how much money is required just for the technology used by the workforce.

    Therefore, the NHS, unlike other 'businesses' who may well be able to invest their profits to raise more capital, and or, buy more equipment and employ more staff, rely on money raised through taxes.

    As you all know, our present government leaders, particularly, Cameron, Osbourne and Hunt, are determined to create an atmosphere of anxiety, stress, and guilt within all departments of the NHS, insinuating it is the staffs' fault for any so called, ' overspending' of their pitiful budgets.

    So, how can the daft MPs believe they can calculate how much is needed to run an ever demanding service in any year, is beyond me.

    Qualified Doctors, midwives, Nurses, frustrated with the multitude of regulations, standards, and objective set upon them by the department of health, accept they cannot meet all these demand and feel they have no option but to leave the service altogether. Thus creating the old familiar 'staff shortages' we keep on hearing about from the idiot MPs.

    The sooner the government realises the NHS is not a business and should be managed by specialist medically and trained doctors and nursing staff and not ex- businessman, the better.

    Cameron, and his like, bankers and business partners. Simply get away with all sorts of failures in their work. Do they get penalised? Not likely, in fact if they are proven to be utterly useless, they are more likely end up with a massive golden handshake, bonus pay offs and a rediculousy boosted pension upon leaving/ getting the sack.

    Doctors and nurses only receive criticism for their efforts trying to protect the NHS, and, their livelihoods which has been limited to a 1% or less pay rise, with the burden of having to do more work iand a change in their working hours. It a disgraceful state if affairs.

    Immigrants and asylum seekers, and their extende families as well, in some cases, can get more benefits out of the U.K. whether they need it or not.This fact has been exposed and reported on televised documentary programs, which, you never hear Cameron commenting on, do you? I don't suppose , because his head is stuck up his backside, he takes any notice off.
    Ironically, in spite of all that, he reckons he's got a deal sorted to persude us to vote, in the referendum, to stay within the European Community.
    Cameron is just a figurehead who is only out to look after himself and buddies. He has demonstrate an utter lack of support in any of the public services, whilst enjoying the benefits it a tax cut in his wages: a massive pay rise: paid expenses. God only knows why we tax payers put up with!

  • Comment on: Hunt promises new 'Ofsted style ratings' for clinical areas

    Iama Cynic's comment 2 November, 2015 3:41 pm

    Hospitals were always, inspected, when I used to work in your profession. At what point in time did that get dispensed with, may I ask?
    Secondly, any form of 'Ofsted' assessment outcomes, can be 'fiddled', because, nursing departments would get 'the nod' as to the date when the inspectors were due to call in, and low and behold,everyone and everything would be working 'efficiently' to meet the criteria. History shows that this can happen in almost at every assessment, and I can only envisage the practice will continues as before.
    Needless to say, nothing will change, Ooh! I hate myself for saying that, because my old colleagues used to utter the same to me when I was starting out in nursing in 1966. I didn't believe them then...but I do now!

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