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jacqueline Thirlwell

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  • Comment on: Exclusive: Midwife speaks of relief at winning appeal against NMC

    jacqueline Thirlwell's comment 3 April, 2019 8:41 am

    Surely the whole process is completely flawed if it's proved a registrant has no case to answer because the accuser made things up; yet the accuser doesn't then have to face investigation themselves?!! (In cases where the accuser is a colleague, obviously). I'm astonished the nmc went against a court judgement - how can they believe they know better? I've never been involved in any ftp case (thank god), but am horrified at what is going on.

  • Comment on: College chief warns of ‘nurses on Zimmer frames’ after Brexit

    jacqueline Thirlwell's comment 14 February, 2019 10:54 am

    I can't think of many situations where nurses will be able to keep working until they're 70, that's madness!! I'm 56, and have significant damage to my back from physical moving & handling, and am now finding my feet and knees are hurting after 12 hours on a ward. The pace is too much; much more patient throughput and intensive work then 30 years ago, and this is likely to continue to increase. I can't wait to retire, and am looking at ways to finish early. No one can do this job until they're 70 - it would be seriously detrimental to nurses physical and mental health; and so would be putting patients at risk of below standard care & increased risk of errors causing harm. Surely this can't be a serious contender to solve a staffing crisis??!

  • Comment on: Health secretary announces social care emergency funding

    jacqueline Thirlwell's comment 3 October, 2018 8:52 am

    Social care really is in trouble so I hope this helps. I work in a rural community, & we have terrible problems discharging patients due to unavailability of care packages or care placements. We've had patients waiting 4 weeks or more for care, when they were medically fit for discharge; then the poor patients are at risk of developing further problems (like infection ) from staying in close proximity to new admissions who are sick. Rural communities really struggle to find enough carers, especially when the staff aren't paid travelling time over big distances. If social care doesn't get more long term money, it will definitely impact NHS provision.

  • Comment on: National research project to focus on developing ward leaders

    jacqueline Thirlwell's comment 8 June, 2018 9:24 am

    This is good, but surely leadership support should begin at band 6? This is when leadership behaviours will be learned. I've seen some good nurses promoted to band 6, & end up terrible leaders, because they had no support or education on leadership skills. These days you can get a ward sister post after being qualified for only a year, then left to get on with it. Not a recipie for good future ward managers.

  • Comment on: Thousands more nursing associates and nurses to train each year, pledges Hunt

    jacqueline Thirlwell's comment 4 October, 2017 11:41 am

    All very well training extra people (assuming people actually apply for the places), but if experienced registrants continue to leave then the situation will still not improve. Nurses urgently need a pay rise, and more flexibility over working conditions in order to retain good staff, or it will be like pouring water into a huge leaking vessel.

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