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James Hunt

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  • Comment on: Pay cap on agency nursing to be introduced, says Hunt

    James Hunt's comment 8 November, 2015 7:35 pm

    I left the NHS after 16 years working as a an RGN to join an agency. The last 6 years I have learnt more about nursing than in the previous 16. I have worked in areas I thought I never would and have a sight of the wider picture, something I never had whilst in one permanent job. Yes, I do earn a lot more, but if I am ill or the phone doesn't ring, I receive no pay. I don't see any shortage of money wasted on external consultants being brought into trusts to fix their broken targets and figures and make it all look good. The amount of money wasted by commissioners dictating irrelevant performance targets and indicators to trusts is shocking. I suppose mugs shouldn't expect any thing less, when our venal chum politicians of all political colours have the vested interest of their rich friends at heart, and not Joe Ordinary who falls sick and needs the NHS. Hunt by name, you know what by nature.

  • Comment on: Regulator 'forced' to increase fees in response to funding change

    James Hunt's comment 7 April, 2015 0:41 am

    Anonymous | 30-Mar-2015 12:34 pm

    Other professions have to pay alot more.
    I agree nurses pay is lousy but that is a separate issue. Proportionate fees are not right either because if you do damage on your time at work, the cost of action is no less. There is such a shortage of nurses more hours should be available.
    It is a small proportion of your income to be allowed to practice and to ensure that bad practice is identified and resolved. There have been too many examples of poor practice and the NMC must be able to function properly to promote good practice and protect the public.
    Stop moaning.

    Stop being unctuous. We are talking about the same NMC that ignored what went on in Mid Staffs?

  • Comment on: MPs criticise NMC for 'ignoring nurses' in debate on fee rise

    James Hunt's comment 7 April, 2015 0:37 am

    Anonymous | 2-Apr-2015 4:16 pm

    Niall O'Sullivan | 1-Apr-2015 6:15 pm

    You've hit the nail on the head there mate. Nursing in the UK is in the state it's in because our main union, the RCN, is absolutely shocking. It's run by a former hospital manager and most of the 'staff-side' reps are managers - albeit in a nurses uniform. Don't know why anyone bothers paying their subs.

    Yes, bang on the money. If nurses did ever have any vague form of militant union leadership they have the numbers to get whatever they want. But as long as the status quo remains the same old game will continue.

  • Comment on: Boosting nurse training places 'key' to reducing agency spend

    James Hunt's comment 7 April, 2015 0:29 am

    Anonymous | 3-Apr-2015 6:10 pm

    wait till the government stops the enhancements things will change?
    I feel I deserve and a good many others do

    Ok, but what are you going to be able to do about it. Nothing, because the RCN will keep you ALL down and in order.

  • Comment on: Boosting nurse training places 'key' to reducing agency spend

    James Hunt's comment 7 April, 2015 0:26 am

    Comes down to money. It is cheaper to rob other countries of their nurses than train your own.

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