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Jane Marquesen

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: Could we learn something from the US about nursing excellence?

    Jane Marquesen's comment 3 May, 2017 3:24 pm

    Most of my nursing practice (last 25 years) was in the States where I did my degree nursing. My previous employment was with one of the first hospitals to achieve Magnet status (University of Colorado). I agree with this article, there is a deciding difference between nursing here and there, not the knowledge and skills but the attitude, the support and the overall professionalism of the art and science of nursing. Nursing is held at a higher standard with the public and the nurses in the US are 'empowered' to excel, are confident in their roles and are 'nurse led' not the handmaiden of the doctor. We all own stethoscopes and use them. We assess, plan, implement and evaluate. We do all the physical care but also are the leaders in discharge planning, prevention and well being. We are pro active, we sit alongside the medical team, partners in care and the patient advocate. And it is a working wage that you do not have to do 'extra shifts' just to pay for food. It is a career, not a job! Anything that the UK can do to empower nurses....I am all for it!!!

  • Comment on: Nurses must ‘reflect’ new end of life care standards

    Jane Marquesen's comment 8 July, 2016 11:30 am

    Why do we need another six (6) list of how to give good care at end of life? Do any of these expert panels look at what is already 'out there' as far as initiatives and policies and guidance? We have had the '6 Steps for End of Life Care (2008) from the NEoLC strategy. We have had the 6 C's for care from the NMC (as a response to the Francis Report 2005-2013). We have the 5 Priorities for Care of the Dying Person (Leader Alliance for Care of the Dying, 2015). We have the 6 Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care (National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership, 2015-2020) Do we really NEED another set of six statements???? Let's just start to DO the Care and Change the culture of care!!!!!

  • Comment on: Nursing regulator makes English test more ‘flexible’

    Jane Marquesen's comment 30 June, 2016 8:33 am

    It seems to me, there is enough issues with communication between healthcare staff and patients that to lower the bar on communication skills as a solution to increase rotas is a move in the wrong, risky and potentially costly direction!