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Jane Powell

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  • Comment on: Christian nurse set to appeal cross case

    Jane Powell's comment 20 January, 2013 4:54 pm

    Hmm much food for thought. These are the facts as I know them regarding nursing. When I trained, on day 1 I was told what I could and could not wear. The only jewellery acceptable was considered a plain wedding band and simple stud earrings. Has this changed? I have actually witnessed a nurse loosing a personal item. It was found underneath a patient who was bed bound and had caused quite an indentation by the time it was located!! To me this is definitely a Health and Safety issue (and infection risk) and actually necessitated completing an adverse incident. Does any nurse really want to put themselves in this situation, no matter how slim the risk? We are supposed to "cause no harm" be it physical or mentally. With regard to religion, we are trained to respect all differences. It is difficult enough trying to obtain trust from some patients without risking them being less open to communication by an obvious declaration of faith. Faith should be personal and you should not need to declare it to the world. On a political note, and in my opinion, it is this declaration of any faith that causes many of the world's problems. A professional should be able to go home and pray, go to church etc without bringing it into the workplace. Where does this stop. I wore a lanyard with my football team printed on it and was told to change it. I changed it, even though many of my patients asked me why I wasn't wearing it anymore. I simply said it did not fall into professional uniform rules. As a teenager I wore t-shirts and clothing in keeping with my music taste but I wouldn't go to work like that. Its not denying your faith or going against your beliefs, its called maturity and being professional. If you want to wear anything that does not fit in with the profession then change your profession. This case is now a total farce and waste of money. It is rapidly turning into a Christian -v- other religions incident which can only do further harm.

  • Comment on: Single hospital rooms fail to cut infection rate

    Jane Powell's comment 19 October, 2010 11:17 pm

    What is the point of taking time and money to do research if no notice is taken of the results. Most of us are aware that whilst there are some benefits to an increase in the number of single rooms, there are more disadvantages to some patients and staff than advantages. Why is privacy considered more important than safety? Care is not improved with single rooms. I have seen an increase in depression and isolation with long stay patients.

  • Comment on: Nurses could be breaching code by administering drugs in ignorance

    Jane Powell's comment 6 June, 2010 10:47 pm

    Oh Mike I am so glad I do not have the misfortune to work with you. You may write eloquently but you sound so arrogant and patronising. Obviously you are highly qualified but nursing needs all levels and to say that those less academically challenged should get out of nursing is so patronising. Many band 5 nurses are highly intelligent and have so much more initiative often lacking in academic types. Many nurses don't have the funding, time or opportunity to take their studies to the next level. Many nurses have other commitments which do not always allow their capabilities to be expressed in formal qualifications. Surely your intelligence would recognise this.

  • Comment on: Moving to an all graduate profession is a necessity

    Jane Powell's comment 31 May, 2010 9:21 am

    Some people constantly harp on about spelling and grammar. I do occasionally pick at this as English has always been a good point of mine. However, sometimes people type on here and brains are racing away before the fingers can catch up. There may be obvious errors but sometimes it is the fact that English is their second language or they are dyslexic. I once picked a girl up on her spelling and it turned out she was dyslexic. Lets look at the important issues here and not pick at others. Unless someone's spelling is totally incorrect most of the time then the odd spelling mistake does not make someone illiterate.

  • Comment on: Doctor urges limit on number of patients per nurse

    Jane Powell's comment 17 April, 2010 8:52 am

    Nurses have known this for a long time. Managers have ignored it. In the past I have looked for staffing ratios but only been able to obtain "guidelines" (which are always ignored by managers). A law is desperately needed here. Take note all you vote seeking politicians! More indians and less chiefs please.

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