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jenny lavington



I chose nursing as a profession and mighty proud to be a nurse.

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  • Comment on: District nurse downgrading sparks fears for standards

    jenny lavington's comment 13 May, 2010 11:22 am

    After reading all the above comments, I feel disheartened to say the least. The main point is what can be done and how can we go forward from here? I was a district nurse on G grade before AFC.After a career break, I am now returning to community nursing and of course when I did my return to practice nursing updating myself on community care but was told my district nurse Diploma qualification is not recognised and hence the band 5. I am happy on band 5 because my main reason of returning to nursing is that I have a passion for caring for nursing like a 'virus' that I cannot get rid of.However, I feel that unless we nurses stick together and work a solution to ensure that district nursing service will still be around when we reach those lovely twilight years when we may or may not need the service.Please fellow nurses what ever your Bands are, you are all amazing people to get to where you are thus far,we have to work together on this.Distict nursing service have been around for 150years please keep up the good work.

  • Comment on: Reawaken your sense of vocation by remembering nursing’s history

    jenny lavington's comment 11 May, 2010 8:26 am

    Aileen Walsh; we need more lecturer like you. Vocation is a word that one hardly hear these days. Please add it to the nursing curricullum.

  • Comment on: Are you compassionate, or too busy to care?

    jenny lavington's comment 1 May, 2010 1:46 pm

    Anon,30.04.2010 4.30pm. You are absolutely right.It depends on your relationships with your kin. What I was trying to impart was that Nurses should have the basic compassion for another human beings. Treat your patients as you would like to be treated with dignity,respect ,kindness, humility and humanity.But as you said after reading some of the comments I also doubt if they have the basics.However, I have met some great nurses out there.

  • Comment on: Are you compassionate, or too busy to care?

    jenny lavington's comment 29 April, 2010 1:55 pm

    After reading all the comments above, really make me believe that we nurses are own worst enemies.But, first of all let me get to the main point of this discussion which is asking if you are compassionate or how it is measured.Yes, it can be measured by yourself.If you look at the patient you are caring for thinking that he or she could have been your mum, dad, aunty, uncle or even your kid and treat that patient like he or she is your kin even though you may be tired, felt under valued and so on...and most of all, know that your patient is your bread and butter and why you exist as a NURSE, then you can pad your important self on the shoulder and you have passed the compassion test. As for all the petty argurments about smoking, next time you look at the mirror, perhaps you can see your self for who you really are. Gordon Brown shows his true identity when he was caught calling his supporter a bigot.I am sorry if this ring true to some nurses. Please remember that our patients deserve good professional nurses and be proud to be one.

  • Comment on: Brown pledges support for specialist nurses at RCN Congress

    jenny lavington's comment 28 April, 2010 2:38 pm

    This man Gordon Brown who was not an elected leader makes empty promises on the sand before the wave washed them away. As a member of the public said after his speech at the conference, ''he would NOT trust him with his dog.''

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