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Joanne Kennedy

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Comments (4)

  • Comment on: NHS could be 'stuffed' by mass exodus of nurses to US

    Joanne Kennedy's comment 19 May, 2014 12:53 pm

    “If you’re offered a three-year fixed term contract on a similar salary with the opportunity to do an MA and accommodation provided – and you get to live in New York, San Francisco or Hawaii, or anywhere else you like –This does not exist. There are no MAs in nursing in the US only BSN/MSN and PhD programs, and very few facilities are going to offer you a sweetheart deal like this - you pay for your own education and if you are lucky you may get tuition reimbursement. I am a UK expat nurse in the USA. I have friends finishing their MSN degrees and they cannot get jobs, there are very few jobs out there in the USA for staff nurses much less advanced practice nurses.

  • Comment on: Tell patients your name, tweets doctor turned inpatient

    Joanne Kennedy's comment 16 September, 2013 2:14 pm

    I trained as a nurse in the UK, but have spent most of my career in the USA. When I first came to the US I found the casual atmosphere a little disorienting. Nurses would answer the phone and say simply "Hi 3NW this is Jane", nurses always introduced themselves to patients/families by their first name. Recently on a trip home to see my family my husband was admitted for emergency surgery when I had trained and I found it very hard - I had no idea who my husband's nurse - and niether did he beyond "I think it is the young nurse with blonde hair" and even when I called "Ward 36 Staff speaking" seemed so cold and formal. It takes less than a minute to introduce yourself, and make things feel a little more user friendly...

  • Comment on: Joanna Goodrich: 'Schwartz rounds provide a dedicated time for reflection'

    Joanne Kennedy's comment 24 July, 2013 2:31 pm

    Schwartz Rounds are incredible. I have the opportunity to attend many both at The Massachusetts general Hospital and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute. They are sometimes lead by staff members, and I have attending some that were lead by patients. They really do help you toreflect on how we practice during the most challenging times. As for the linguisitic back and forth - it's just say lift in the USA they say say meeting Schwartz Rounds is Scwartz ROunds...

  • Comment on: Nurse death not linked to bullying

    Joanne Kennedy's comment 15 July, 2010 3:20 pm

    Before I left the NHS some 15 years ago I was bullied mercilessly by colleagues. It got so bad I was actually accused of stealing and mishandling a patient's money - an accusation which was found to be utterly unfounded after a lengthy and very stressful investigation. Inspite of being absolutely vindicated when I had to take time off for surgery the rumor got back to me that I had been fired. I tired to talk to the manager - her suggestion "If this job you have applied for in the USA doesn't come through perhaps you should look for a position elsewhere." 15 years later I still feel chilled when I think about this - and I wonder what they did to other people after I left. Bullying in the workplace is often very discreet and much more subtle than anything perpetuated by kids in a playground.
    My heart goes out to this woman to have been pushed so far, and to her family who are left to pick up the pieces and live with the guilt that inevitably follows a suicide.