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John Dade

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Comments (12)

  • Comment on: 'Sorry, not my patient'

    John Dade's comment 28 March, 2013 9:38 am

    Without sounding like a grumpy old man I concur with the comments and Eileen here. I’m not a nurse but a Registered ODP and undertook my two week ward allocation in the early eighties. It was only a snapshot but on a 34 bed ward the Sisters insisted we make notes of every patient every day and get to know them all as we made beds, changed bladder irrigations, undertook the drug round etc., etc. My wife was training as a nurse at the time and assured me it was the same in the rest of the hospital. I’m extremely grateful to these Ward sisters for what they taught me about holistic care. Hence my frustration now when I’m 100 miles away and ring that same hospital to enquire of my 92 year old father on the Cardiac ward to hear the response, I’m not sure, I’m not in that team. The ward sister of old would have gone wappy if she heard one of her team reply in such a way.

  • Comment on: Life support woman allowed to die

    John Dade's comment 29 July, 2011 10:54 am

    Anonymous | 28-Jul-2011 3:40 pm".......since when has turning off life support become the decision of a judge? "

    A-Since Airedale NHS Trust v Bland 1993. The first test case for this type of decision. The difference between withdrawing treatment on one patient being kept 'alive' by drugs and ventilatiion and another by nutrition and hydration was a key factor in this Human Rights case.

  • Comment on: Bowel cancer test approved for use

    John Dade's comment 8 April, 2011 8:24 am

    Great initiative. Long time coming however further funds should be provided to have the tests available from 50. Remember Bobby Moore and others.

  • Comment on: Nurses told to buy their own milk at Barts

    John Dade's comment 23 February, 2011 9:21 am

    I worked in theatres for 20 years and 'beverages' were deducted from our salary. If it needed to be increased to reflect the actual consumption of beverages, I would have been more than happy. You could opt out of the scheme if you wished. Job done.
    Ward nurses use to pay for their own refreshments but could leave and have a proper break in the canteen. This rarely happens; they have a cuppa (if lucky) but are still available to be called back. So either let them have free refreshments or deduct a nominal amount from their salary. Managers in today’s NHS may be able to manage, but they can’t manage people. I agree with the sentiments of a previous comment. Lack of care for staff will lead to low morale and a fall in standards. There’s enough of that already.

  • Comment on: NICE rejects bowel cancer drug

    John Dade's comment 24 August, 2010 2:45 pm

    Perhaps if Roche slashed the vast profits made from this drug many would benefit.

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