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John Howes

John Howes



Been there, seen it, done it. Not much impressed me then, even less now.

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  • Comment on: Nurse turned chief exec resigns in wake of employment tribunal

    John Howes's comment 30 May, 2014 4:16 pm

    How are the mighty fallen!

  • Comment on: Emma Clifford: 'Care workers can reduce the burden on nurses’

    John Howes's comment 18 October, 2013 10:20 am

    A very good analysis Emma. Unfortunately your logic and very acute assessment will be lost in the higher echelons. Just before retiring after 48 years in nursing, as a manager and finally back on the frontline in Critical Care, I was a member of the Hospital Joint Staff Committee. That year the hospital took out 148 whole time equivalent, nursing posts, surprise, surprise. They were slammed by a rejuvenated CQC for a lack of staffing

    This country has seen thousands of nursing post lost. (Official statistics, in the public domain). North Staffs was a horror story, then we discover that there are many more Trusts (oxymoron) in the same position.

    The NHS has operated on a firefighting basis for as long as I can remember. What now, recruiting from overseas when many nurses trained in the UK cannot get jobs!

    This is reminiscent of 1999, we recruited from the Philippines in droves, the majority were first class, and the remainder were exploited in nursing homes. People with learning difficulties, we can help, senior health managers appear to suffer learning difficulties beyond help.

  • Comment on: Save hospitals 'for seriously ill', says NHS Confederation

    John Howes's comment 12 March, 2013 9:20 am

    Being around a long time does not necessarily impart wisdom. It does, however leave memories. From my memory this hackneyed refrain is hawked around every decade or so and in essence is true, no more so with Mid Staffs et al at the present, that you are more likely to be treated better in your home than in Hospital.

    The reality of this is, that the great and the good, (MP's, over paid bureaucrats and all that drifts in their wake, PFI to name one) have proved totally unable to get near the issue. The principle reason is, care costs. I started nursing in 1963 and as a newly qualified Staff Nurse in 1966, I earned the princely sum of £13/week. Time's have changed the reader will say, and that bears no argument. But time dictate that if you want all types of care you will not achieve it merely from the soothing hand on the fevered brow, as important as this is it will not produce the calibre of nurse required for the high end of care, Critical Care, NICU etc..

    Nonetheless, the new masters of the Universe in Health Care demand competitive salaries to "attract the best people", the "best people" seemed to have pulled the 3 card trick, in Medway leaving many dead from C.Diff, moving on to offer their services as "Consultants" on solving the problem. Gagging those senior enough to do damage and bullying those junior enough to cut and run. At the same time these 'leaders' feel that highly experienced nurse, many of whom have added to their qualifications at their own expense, should be prepared to work for salaries consistent with semi-skilled factory workers.

    Care costs, you won't see your car serviced by apprentices in any dealership, but today's managers are happy to dilute the trained workforce to deliver high end health care. That's the society we now live in. It's useless to agonise over the fate of Nursing, Briggs started it in 1972 and the Griffiths Report in 1983 put the nails in the coffin when nurse were able to seat on the fence by opting out of nursing decisions, citing their new role as mangers and opting out of management decisions hiding behind their nursing credentials.

    We are where we are, as the saying goes, I retired in 2011 after nearly 49 years in nursing from the frontline to the top and finally on the frontline in ICU. It wasn't age nor illness that prompted my retirement, it was the wave after wave of managers who didn't get it. How ironic that this new generation of young tyros still don't get it and sadly, the patients are even less likely to!

  • Comment on: Further cracks appear in Agenda for Change

    John Howes's comment 6 October, 2012 8:40 am

    They tried this at Rolls Royce a few years back. Rolls Royce lost because the blanket dismissal was ruled an abuse of process.

  • Comment on: Former NMC chief paid £80,000

    John Howes's comment 26 September, 2012 1:03 pm

    The bigger the cockup the bigger the payoff! Look at the Chief Exec from Lincolnshire. I'd dearly love to know what they have purchased for this, is it the increased fees? or something even more precious that they don't want the plebs to hear?

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