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john wilson

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Comments (24)

  • Comment on: Nurses to retire later and pay more into pensions

    john wilson's comment 24 October, 2010 8:22 am

    Oi Anonymous | 21-Oct-2010 2:33 pm
    we are not bigots, we have no BNP or silly racist tabloids

  • Comment on: May I recommend a White Lightning with your pot noodle, sir?

    john wilson's comment 5 September, 2010 11:53 am

    Mike- I agree with you on the levy for pubs and clubs, if someone is profiting from all the drunks we look after then why not charge them(the pub/club owners) for it?

    But you still need to find out why irresponsible and dangerous drinking is ingrained so deep in the british culture.

    Minimum pricing and bulk limits will just make it more expensive to be a idiot who punches walls or whatever. need to treat the problem rather than just the symptoms.

  • Comment on: New nurses struggling to find jobs

    john wilson's comment 1 September, 2010 7:46 am

    oh have a look on theres plenty of jobs about recommend a public hospital. As private hospitals you have to have 6 pnts per shift!

  • Comment on: Nursing Times survey in figures: what would nurses do to save their jobs?

    john wilson's comment 1 September, 2010 7:28 am

    Its a sad sad day when industrial action includes taking your breaks and going home on time.
    I do believe that is called normal work!?

  • Comment on: Protecting jobs valued more than pay increases

    john wilson's comment 1 September, 2010 7:26 am

    when are any of you going to actually do something about it?

    You can rant and rave on here all you want; while your patients suffer, your mortgage defaults and you lose any kind of social life, but until you actually do something about it
    it means nothing.

    The stories of the way patients are being treated are making me cringe in empathy for the staff conditions that must be causing it.

    I took the cowards way out and left for Australia. we're taking industrial action at the moment as the government are trying to change our skill mix from 1 RN to 4 pts to 1:5

    You need to sort your unions out, they are supposed to be there for you>. while you focus on your patient care. at the moment they are not. YOU vote for them, YOU yes you reading this right now not someone else, needs to tell them they are not looking after you. Tell them as loud and unavoidably as you can.

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