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Jon Gopsill

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Comments (9)

  • Comment on: How to complete revalidation with the NMC: top tips

    Jon Gopsill's comment 3 April, 2016 1:41 pm

    1) Stand up.
    2) Walk out.
    3) Resign.
    4) Get a new career!
    "there is no way around it – unless you want to give up your nurse registration."
    Thanks for the suggestion, that's my option!
    (what a way to say goodbye to a 30 year career!)

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Survey pinpoints revalidation concerns

    Jon Gopsill's comment 3 April, 2016 12:42 pm

    Oh for goodness sake, this isn't about how hard it is, I agree the process itself is relatively easy! It's the principle, why shoud we have to justify ourselves? We already have a job in which we have about a dozen people looking over our shoulders all the time (CQC, managers, case/care coordinators, Social Workers, NMC, families, etc,) let alone covering our own backsides. Surely that's enough?
    Thankfully mine isn't due until 2018 but by then I will not be nursing, this has been the final straw. I was a social worker for 15 years and have been a psychiatric nurse for 16 years but as I have said in other comments, "That's it, I'm done!"
    Good luck finding enough nurses to cover the inevitable shortfall this will cause. When you already have a flood of nurses leaving, why push more out?

  • Comment on: Revalidation for nurses and midwives launches on 1 April

    Jon Gopsill's comment 2 April, 2016 5:10 pm

    (Please excuse a few typos, there isn't an edit button!) - Sorry!

  • Comment on: Revalidation for nurses and midwives launches on 1 April

    Jon Gopsill's comment 2 April, 2016 4:56 pm

    Again, I would like to say it's not about the difficulty but the principle! Why do this at a time when nurses are feeling more pressure, more people are leaving, less people are starting andmore people are more disillusioned with nursing. Surely you must realise that all you are going to do is get even more people to quit putting more pressure on nurses that stay which will in turn cause more people to question their career and create even more nursing shortages. I for one could not, with good conscience, say that nursing would be a good career choice now. I can not think of another job where it is expected that you come to work to be racially, sexually and verbally abused and a daily even hourly basis with absoltuely no course of action to stop it. GP's, teachers, police and pretty much all other jobs I can think of (of course there are exceptions) have various courses of action to take but as a psychiatric nurse on a ward with degenerative brain disorders, we have to put up with it. Yert you still want me to justify my existence as a nurse?
    I am sorry but I don't want to anymore, by the time my revaildation comes round will not be a nurse anymore! I feel that is a real shame it has come to this, I was a social worker for 15 years and have been a nurse for 16 years but that's it, I'm done!

  • Comment on: Lack of nurse workforce planning led to NHS 'financial mess'

    Jon Gopsill's comment 11 March, 2016 1:47 pm

    Dear Anonymous's's's's (?),
    Unfortunately it's not uncommon for Trusts to block book beds in private psychiatric hospitals. I know of at least 3 within 20 miles of here, all of whom have beds block booked by different Trusts and some whole wards! That's not including all the dementia patients in care homes, I am purely talking about Adult Psychiatric Hospitals not Elderly Care Homes.
    People regularly get transported from one end of the country to the other "Until a local bed becomes available!", think of the extras involved - Transport, escort staff (often agency or private company again) and that's just one small example. The true drain on NHS resources must be astronomical!

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