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judith allen

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Comments (10)

  • Comment on: Mid Staffs whistleblower backs new NMC guidance on raising concerns

    judith allen's comment 10 September, 2013 3:48 pm

    . It has always been the professional duty of a Registered nurse to protect the patient and the code has always reflected this. So bottom line this is nothing new. I sometimes wonder whether the people (in charge) of the NMC actually understand the code. Either they do not, or they think that no-one else does . These so called new initiatives are not new and will change nothing.Same as their latest excersise about Re-validation...waste of time and space.

  • Comment on: Mid Staffs faces prosecution over patient death

    judith allen's comment 29 August, 2013 3:21 pm

    I agree absolutely with Mr Smith. Things will never change as long as the Trusts are the ones taking the responsibility. When the laws of this country are changed so that individuals become accountable for their acts and omissions in care things will change but not before.

  • Comment on: 'Your enthusiasm and commitment will rub off on others'

    judith allen's comment 20 August, 2011 1:07 pm

    Does he live in the real world. Great idea "staff away days"..does this apply to clinical staff at ward level? Does he realize how difficult if not impossible it is to get time off for any sort of CPD? Also not sure what he is including in "mundane tasks"..hope its not "basic care" like for instance helping someone to the toilet or giving them a drinK...but then thats probably not exciting enough!!

  • Comment on: University to train all nurses to degree level

    judith allen's comment 25 February, 2011 12:53 pm

    Have to agree entirely with the previous comment. Are the NMC and the Universities totally ignorant about the reality that is todays "caring" NHS. Do they really think that Degree status will bring about the desired change in attitudes towards older people. The emphasis upon the technological said it all. Compassionate competent couregeous individuals are the ones who will change this appaling neglect of the attitude, not just a degree in more of the same. I reiterate what the previouos person said. Choose wisely you may be in the bed one day.

  • Comment on: Safety fears prompt calls for more nurse led care plans

    judith allen's comment 1 April, 2010 5:59 pm

    Dear Anonymous. Yes there are too many forms and no doubt too many patients, but the fact remains that Registered nurses are employed and paid to care for patients. Instead of having a go at me, perhaps you should take your grievances about staffing levels to your Ward manager, or your line manager, if this achieves nothing take it the your professional organisation and if that achieves nothing take it to the NMC the people you pay your fees to. I have no problem with putting my name to anything, but I was'nt aware my age was there too.

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