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Julie Carvin

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Does mandatory training have to be boring?

    Julie Carvin's comment 1 July, 2015 3:59 pm

    Mandatory training (or mandatory torture as one of my staff put it the other week) has come about because of serious incidents and we all get tarred with the same brush as being incompetent because our training passport is red. It isn't always that interesting to teach the basics (I know i do 3 weeks in 4 teaching to my Trust), let alone sit there through a whole day, nor does anyone want to do e-learning. We can never teach staff the way they want to learn as they are all so individual and it makes me smile how they all turn into badly behaved children on MT, sitting at the back gossiping throughout the training session, that you know they desperately need. But why don't they speak up and tell us what they need to know to do their job properly?

  • Comment on: 'Is there any future in nursing?'

    Julie Carvin's comment 2 September, 2014 10:41 am

    Nursing isn't a limited career, its limitless. I've been nursing for almost 30 years, and while some of my career path has steered me down one-way streets and blind alleys, there is always the chance to pause, check the map and drive somewhere different. The only times i've been limited are by the blinders i've given myself. I currently work as a part-time infection control nurse, and do some bank shifts to top up my pay and keep my hand in as a nurse. if you love caring for people, you will always find a way to do this, the only regret i have is not pushing myself to do a degree ten years ago as i didn't think i was good enough (another common trait in nurses), but now i'm raring to learn and conscious of the fact i have 12 years to go till i could claim my pension and now i have so much i want to do it will be a push to fit it all in. But i do love a good challenge, which is what is at the heart of nursing...