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June Bowden

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  • Comment on: The image of nursing: The handmaiden

    June Bowden's comment 11 October, 2010 1:19 pm

    Dear oh me. Here is me with all my qualification including two degrees being criticised for bad spelling.
    One has to ask if anonymous, and I hate conversing with someone who will not give their name, has had any experience in the hard world of hospital life argueing with difficult doctors whilst trying to be the patient's advocate. Or even being a patient themselves - as I have - and being at the butt end of arrogant medical staff. I have never called a Medic a bastard to his face you foolish person I am and always have been professional and polite unlike some of the medics I have had to deal with. My personal experience was compounded recently when I was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pains (gall bladder probs) and was told by the doctor that there was no point in admitting me as the only analgesic he would prescibe was paracetamol. Fortunately the nurses were kinder.Hurrah for us as advocates and why do I attract these dreadful medics? I was plagued by them as a child in hospital aswell before you ask!

  • Comment on: The image of nursing: The handmaiden

    June Bowden's comment 11 October, 2010 9:58 am

    The problem is that Jo Public DOES believe what they see on Tv and films. Their perceptions of nurses only alters when they are in direct contact with us as professionals.
    There are a group of doctors who look down on nurses as 'failed' doctors and not professional or, god forbid, interllectual equals. God forbid if you question their actions or treatments. I have spent half my professional life arguing with these bastards.
    AND If someone asks me again if I give out bedpans and why I have not married a doctor I shall kill.

  • Comment on: Converted toilets pose legionella infection hazard, HPA warns

    June Bowden's comment 28 September, 2010 1:34 pm

    It's due to poorly designed areas in hospitals. We have a storeroom that was once a toilet - it is in a ridiculous place and within easy distance of a number of other tiolets - hence the conversion when we did not have space for archiving. So the message is design hospitals properly!

  • Comment on: Top hospitals show bias for male nurse directors

    June Bowden's comment 18 August, 2010 11:54 am

    My experience of 36 years in the NHS working in about 10 different hospitals and 5 different Trusts is that promotion depends upon the culture within the hospital. I have worked in departments where Male nurses ARE fast tracked and most of the management are men, and in departments where male nurses are marginalised. Basically you cannot generalise.Nor can you say that male of female nurses might or might not lack ambition. I have met male nurses happy to remain staff nurses and female nurses who have pushed and pushed for top posts and blagged their way into them. It took me 30 odd years to get to my senior position and not from lack of trying, but I am not very good at blagging!

  • Comment on: Child asthma admissions peak in September

    June Bowden's comment 12 August, 2010 9:56 am

    My son had his first serious attack when he was 13 months old in September - so school bugs could not have come into that!

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